“Nawat” quietly hit behind the top of IG Miss Grand International

a fight Miss Grand International 2022 which ended on October 25, held in Jakarta, Indonesia by “Sabella Menin” from Brazil won the gold crown of the year “Ingfa Waraha“Flash the second best to dominate in the midst of a number of trends that is still not strong in many angles, the latest “Boss Nawat” Posted a soft shot, lightly explained behind the balance of Instagram Miss Grand International agree

When the number of followers on Instagram Miss Grand International dropped shortly after coming in 1st place in the world’s grand slam beauty pageant The amount dropped significantly to millions. and is pressed unstoppable after “Ingfa Waraha” He won 1st place on the stage

Miss Grand International 2022
Before the finals on Instagram, Miss Grand International 2022 had more than 6 million followers. Minutes after the announcement of the results, the number of followers on Instagram, Miss Grand International 2022, has gradually decreased to 4.4 million (as of 26 Oct.)

Miss Grand International 2022Miss Grand International 2022

Through social media people have noticed that the number of people who have dropped dramatically after Miss Grand Philippines and Miss Grand Vietnam Not qualified for the final 10 due to dissatisfaction with the decision.

latest “Nawat Israkraisil” Miss Grand Thailand and Miss Grand International pageant director Released a post on IG Story : nawat.tv with text that translates “I checked MGI Instagram, your missing Vietnamese followers to unfollow. also confirm that we respect everyone and coffee with everyone and every country.”

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