NBA|Warriors fans bid farewell to 941 days and wait for Keeley Thomson to return to the Cavaliers tomorrow morning (15:45)-20220109-Sports-News

Warriors vs. Cavaliers live all over the world at 09:30 on Monday morning

Keeley Thomson warmed up with the Warriors before the NBA regular season last week and raised the “May 1 hand gesture” before returning to the locker room, suggesting that he would be back in six days. He said “I’m back.” on the social network today, and uploaded the classic scene of “Space is in a bottle”. In the clip, Bill Murray said, “Or I can help.” He also issued a statement through the club that he could not wait to return to the court and was proud of his identity as a “Warrior”. This means that Keely Tomson will face the Cavaliers in the NBA regular season tomorrow morning, staged a comeback battle.

Warriors coach Carl said earlier that once Tomson returns, he will definitely be selected to play. He said today: “His comeback will definitely be one of our most touching games. When he steps out of the court, it will definitely be me. An unforgettable game of a lifetime.” However, he also emphasized that Tomson’s long absence from the field requires time to regain the rhythm of the game, and also time to run in with teammates such as “The Wave Brothers” Stephen Curie. He did not talk about whether he will be selected. .

Keeley Thomson, 31, was injured in the 2019 finals and suffered a torn cruciate ligament in his left knee. After resuming exercise in November 2020, he injured his right Achilles tendon. He was reimbursed for the entire season and has been in a truce for two and a half years.

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