NBA/Celtic will print a “6” in the restricted area for the new season in memory of the late legend Bill Russell

The Boston Celtics announced on their official Twitter today (20th) that the new season will paint a No. 6 watermark in the paint to commemorate the legendary Bill Russell who died recently.

Celtic’s official Twitter said that the team will add the number 6 on both sides of the line to pay tribute to Bill Russell, who used to be dominant in the penalty area. The legendary star Russell died at the end of July, and the NBA also announced in mid-August that it would retire the league’s No. 6 jersey, and that it will put No. 6 on the sidelines of every team in the new season as a memorial. .

As well as printing Russell’s commemorative No.6 in the paint, Celtic also announced that they will wear special commemorative shirts in the opening match on October 18, US time, and Russell’s 89th birthday on February 12, UK time. United States. game jerseys will also be printed with a commemorative logo to commemorate the legend of the greatest champions in NBA history.

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