NBT broadcaster explained the timeline to confirm that he did not get coronavirus from makeup artist DJ Bael.

An NBT male anchor posted a timeline and confirmed the coronavirus was not infected by makeup artist DJ Bael, while the staff sent a biosafety vehicle. COVID testing for 1,200 employees

From the case of “male announcer” the Thai television station Public relations department or NBT infected with COVID-19 When this morning By now the Department notified the Department of Disease Control to investigate the disease And there will be a vehicle to collect the biosafety samples of the Royal Navy to provide swap service To detect COVID-19 To all employees of the NBT channel For peace of mind And prevent the spread As for the number of people at high risk Medium risk, low risk. It is not yet clear whether How many people are there Because we still have to wait for another investigation

Latest NBT station changed the location of the news program at noon today Without using the broadcast room as usual As well as there is a clear partition between the broadcaster of the men and women performing duties As a more intensive measure After meeting announcer Sor Kor Kor Chodchai was infected with COVID-19.

News program Thiang NBT clarified that Mr. Korochot Yodchai, announcer infected with Did not act to read the news at noon As with the previous news stream But serves evening news Also, it was not caught by the makeup artist of “DJ Bael” because the makeup artist did not enter the NBT station, including the test results of the makeup artist’s infection. Found to be negative

For the timeline The infected male broadcaster provided the following details:

On January 8, 64, working at home.

On January 9, ’64 went to shop at the supermarket. By wearing a mask all the time

On January 10, 64, went to read the news at NBT station.

On January 11, 64, work at home and in the evening read the news at NBT station.

On January 12, 64 at the Public Relations Department And in the evening read the news at NBT

On January 13, 64 at the Public Relations Department Wear a mask But not all the time

Date 14 Jan. 64 at the Public Relations Department Wear a mask But not all the time

On January 15, 64 working at home.

On 16 Jan ’64, went to have dinner with friends at Renaissance Ratchaprasong Hotel.

On January 17, 64 at Ban Yen, go read the evening news at NBT station.

Date: 18 Jan. 64 at the Public Relations Department Wear a mask But not all the time Removed during eating And went to work at NBT

Date 19 Jan ’64 working at the Public Relations Department Wear a mask But not all the time There were about 5 friends in the room together in the evening to read the evening news at NBT station.

On January 20, 64, working at home with startling headaches. After taking paracetamol and not disappearing, he went to see a doctor. But initially, doctors thought that it was dengue fever. So lay down at the hospital and take a blood test Until late in the evening from the blood test that he was infected with the virus But still do not know which virus it is The doctor examined the form for infection in the nasal cavity. Then detained at home

On 21 Jan. 64, working at home.

On January 22, 64, work at home and know the results of the infection in the morning. Moving into the negative pressure chamber

As for the detailed timeline Currently in the process of a preliminary investigation on the news program Noon NBT said the announcer said the man. Hear news from friends Therefore went to check for infection And found to be infected And is a patient with symptoms The disease control measures that the NBT plans to implement today are Office of the Prevention and Control of Urban Disease (NDC) goes into the disease investigation area. At the screening station, Vibhavadi Road or NBT station withTwo vehicles to collect biosafety samplesNPS samples were collected for 1,200 employees. Expected to be completed at 7:00 PM.

Recently said the announcer Clarified through personal Facebook “So Korakot Yotchai” and apologized to all parties involved. And clarified the timeline prior to the COVID-19 infection saying

“I’m sorry everyone.

Let’s go through a rough line on Wednesday (20/01/64) while at home. The resort felt terrified. And the headache is quite strong So I ate Para and then went to sleep and woke up. WFH felt low fever And still has a headache, so I went to see a doctor when he arrived at the hospital, went into the history taking process Which the doctor thought was dengue fever therefore advised to go to the hospital in the evening, the blood test result came out Have a viral infection But I do not know which one asked for a swab at 8.00 pm, then the result was confirmed at 5 am today and moved into the negative pressure room.

As soon as you know the results Resort immediately informs all relevant parts Both workplaces are strictly prepared for the implementation of the plan. Including friends People close to all Have to go to check In the meantime, everyone may have to be a little chaotic.

And in case there is news of makeup artist who goes to makeup box for Khun Bael Was informed by himself that Went to check the news from Khun Bael And the result came out that it was not stuck

I wish everyone to be safe. I have to apologize to everyone once again. “

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