NC wins over Doosan… “One win until the first championship of the foundation”

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In the 5th game of the Korean series of professional baseball, NC won 3 wins first thanks to Gu Chang-mo’s good pitch and Yang Eui-ji’s two-run home run.

One win is left until the first win.

This is reporter Jeon Hoon-chil.

◀ Report ▶

The first part was a tight pitching fight.

Doosan starter Flexen showed a powerful pitch and agile defense, pitching perfect up to the 3rd, and NC starter Koo Chang-mo did not give up follow-up hits in a few crises.

The zero-to-zero balance was broken five times.

With Altair’s timely hits, NC took the lead.

In the 6th episode, Yang Ui-ji broke the turonpo over the middle wall and ran to 3-0.

Goo Chang-mo, who gained strength from scoring support, attacked the helpless Doosan other line and made a good fight with no loss until the 7th inning.

NC won a 5-0 complete victory even with the last minute hit by Mo Chang-min and Na Seong-beom, and approached one win in the first Korean Series championship.

[구창모/NC (5차전 MVP)]

“(During the season) I had a long hiatus, so I threw it with the idea that it should be helpful to the team, and that seems to work.”


“(Ko Chang-mo) is really daring (thinks), and I appreciate that while sitting and pitching creepy.”

Doosan, who wants to endure NC and endures, announced Luchinski and Alcantara as starters in Game 6 today.

This is Jeon Hun-chil of MBC News.

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