NCAA Tournament: Duke, North Carolina, Virginia, Gonzaga gets seeds No

At the top of this word in March this year: the Duke and force of nature, Zion Williamson.

The Blue Devils earned the overall crop seed in Sunday's NCAA Competition, entering Virginia, North Carolina and Gonzaga as No seeds.

Williamson lost five games after his knee moved when Nike was

NKE, + 1.18%

blew the sneaker in a regular game of seasons last month. It's healthy again, playing well and not worrying about other potential injury that may affect its status as the best choice in the NBA draft later this year.

The competition starts Tuesday with a pair of play games, then it goes into full effect Thursday.

The Final Four are set for April 6-8 in Minneapolis, where the Duke is in his early 9-4.

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The three ACP teams as seed no. 1 combine a single conference record.

“They earned their right,” said Bernard Muir, director of athletics Stanford, chair of the selection committee.

Virginia gets a top seed for the second year straight, and hopes another huge shame will be avoided; the Cavaliers will face Gardner-Webb one year after they become the first best seed shed. 16 since the bracket went to 64 teams in 1985.

On the brackets, as always, there were some surprises and a few more conclusive decisions from the selection committee presented at Manhattan this week, hitting the numbers.

• Belmont, the center, moved from the bubble – one of seven teams from non-power conferences to earn big offers. This was the highest since 2015. Other bubble teams were Temple, Arizona and St John. Alabama, TCU and Indiana were missing the competition.

• Michigan State made a strong bid for seed No. 1 when he won Sunday over Michigan in the Big Ten title game. Instead, it was placed online 2 le, with the potential of a minority of eight faces per Duke in the hard East region.

Muir said that Michigan State spoke to seed No. 2 more, Kentucky, through the Big Ten to win but “at the same time, we thought Michigan and Michigan State would be both on the‘ 2 ’line.

Here is the breakdown of the competition:

Eastern Region

(1) D.C. vs (16) N.C. Central State / North Dakota

(8) VCU vs (9) UCF

(5) Mississippi State vs (12) Freedom

(4) Virginia Tech vs. (13) Saint Louis

(6) Maryland vs (11) Belmont / Temple

(3) LSU vs. (14) Yale

(7) Louisville vs (10) Minnesota

(2) Michigan State vs. (15) Bradley

Southern Region

(1) Virginia vs (16) Gardner-Webb

(8) Ole Miss vs (9) Oklahoma

(5) Wisconsin vs. (12) Oregon

(4) Kansas State vs. (13) U.C. Irvine

(6) Villanova vs. (11) St. Mary's

(3) Purdue vs (14) Old Dominion

(7) Cincinnati vs. (10) Iowa

(2) Tennessee vs (15) Colgate

Western Region

(1) North Carolina vs. (16) Iona

(8) Utah State vs.. (9) Washington

(5) Auburn vs. (12) State of New Mexico

(4) Kansas vs. (13) Northeast

(6) Ohio State Ohio (11) Ohio State

(3) State of Georgia Houston vs (14)

(7) Wofford vs (10) Seton Hall

(2) Kentucky vs. (15) Christian Abilene

Western Region

(1) Gonzaga vs (16) Fairleigh Dickinson / Prairie View A&M

(8) Syracuse vs (9) Baylor

(5) Marquette vs. (12) Murray State

(4) Florida State vs. (13) Vermont

(6) Buffalo vs. (11) Arizona State / St John's

(3) Texas Tech vs (14) Northern Kentucky

(7) Nevada vs. (10) Florida

(2) Michigan vs (15) Montana


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