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NCCC spokesman strikes far away, detoxes ‘Niphon’ Urea Thun Por Nikhomjana, all false information

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NCCC spokesperson to ‘Prasertpong’, MP Kao Klai, detoxed ‘Niphon’ Uu Thanon Por Nikhomjana, released all false information. Private claims, Songkhla land trading is normal.

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At 19.50 on 18 February 2021 at the National Assembly. Rames Ratanachaweng, Democratic Party spokesman Table announces outside the council retaliates against Mr. Prasert Phongsornuwat, MPs. The forward party debates mistrustMr. Niphon Boonyamanee Minister of Interior In the case of using the power of the Deputy Minister to push forward the Chana Industrial Estate Project, Songkhla Province, and to benefit the kinship to buy land for the capitalist project With a title deed of villagers

Mr. Ramet Said that he requested clarification on 3 issues because it made people misunderstand In the case of a complaint, the purchase of a utility vehicle maintenance project in the amount of 52 million baht is in the process. NCCC process And has filed a high prosecutor And the Supreme Administrative Court What happened in the period of Mr. Nipon still serving as President of the Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization?

Mr. Ramet The investigation further said that the complaint confirmed the matter. The province has set up a committee to investigate all facts. Therefore, bringing the said matter into an issue is not correct. And the presentation of the opposition’s information is questionable. Is it a political ruin? Because at that time Mr. Niphon had not been approved to purchase Thus, it can be viewed as a political game that destroys credibility. This story must be over.

Mr. Ramet Continued to say that in the case of industrial estate projects As far as listening to the discussion, all the information is false. He wants to ask if the information that For the capitalists who support the capitalists, who asks to bring evidence to show that they allow some. Confirm that the process operation is correct. Starting in 2016 and all parties are supporting the legal process with the correctness. And proceeded before Mr. Nipon took the position of Minister of Interior But the opposition said the purchase process took place in the year 63 and to issue the land title deed to the private sector, as Mr. Nipon, as Minister of Interior, was in charge of the Land Department. The opposition accused 3 plots of land

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“I confirm that Mr. Niphon has no involvement and has no power to manage anything. And confirm that all 3 plots of land are popular with the people Not the capitalist’s land Doesn’t winch buy in bulk However, the person you accused was damaged because it was a third person. It is believed there will be prosecution for sure because he is corrupt. Like this the party was dissolved. Let’s be a professional opposition Not cut and paste the information ” Mr. Ramet say

When asked if the opposition party was a relative who went to buy land, not Mr. Nipon. Mr. Ramet Said that it is normal for the private sector Mr. Niphon’s relatives have been buying land since 2013 and buying land in Songkhla Province is a normal thing that has been traded for a long time.

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