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NCSoft’s new work “Paradise W” was held today (9) in Director’s Preview. Lee Sung Gu, the director of “Paradise” IP, on behalf of NCSofy, revealed to players related news and revision directions of the game in this event.

First of all, NCSoft once again expressed its gratitude to the players before starting, because “Lineage W” had a lot of good results just one month after it started, such as the number of players, community indicators, and various combat values, all of which have exceeded NCSoft in 25 years. The record since.

At present, “Paradise W” will open a set of new servers every week on average, and there will be 12 branches under a set of servers. NCSoft said that such a phenomenon has never been seen before, and believes that such a phenomenon will depend on the positive reviews of the game after the launch. , As well as word of mouth between players.

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Next, “Paradise W” will open the updated content related to Aden, such as expanding the map (for practicing and fighting treasures), adding characters related stories, the giant ring, the Cynis headband, and the Shatterer’s gloves will also be added to the available equipment In the project.

In addition, the first siege battle “Kent City” will also appear in the game, as well as the appearance of a new race “Dark Goblin”.

NCSoft plans to launch a cross-server blood alliance battle “server attack” in the future. Players can compete for the leader with competitors on some maps (the content shown in the live broadcast is the land of patience and the land of peace).

The focus of this update is that NCSoft believes that cross-server blood alliance wars can inject life into the stalemate server war situation.It means that I’m afraid that everyone won’t be able to fight, so I’ll help you find a new opponent to fight.

Lee Sung Gu mentioned in the live broadcast that the next “Paradise W” will start from the ivory tower to prepare various game content, which also includes the representative content of “Paradise” “The Tower of Pride”, in addition to the World Exchange and Related functions such as blood alliance union, magic doll competition and so on.

“After re-discussing the existing business model in “Paradise W”, we are working hard to establish a new economic system that can satisfy all players. The reason why these decisions can be made is the “preservation of asset value”. Therefore, we I believe that maintaining the longevity of the game is the biggest goal of management.” Lee Sung Gu said.

The corresponding change is the item production and drop system. NCSoft will then update the item production system without affecting the value of the equipment held by the player as much as possible. At the same time, the leader’s drop rule will also be changed. Adjustment.

At the end of the live broadcast, Lee Sung Gu specifically mentioned what happened to the “Eva 07” server. This server is one of the most intense collisions between Taiwan and South Korean players, whether it is the battle itself or the audience watching the live broadcast. Both have achieved another game culture.

The above content is expected to be updated from December to early next year. NCSoft emphasizes that it will do its best to provide interesting stories and stable services.



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