ND pilots for incoming Christ

ND pilots for incoming Christ

Fly-In starts at 10 o'clock with an all-faith service at 11 o'clock and a complementary lunch to follow. Everyone attending will receive a golf ball and a complementary matching ticket as they arrive. After lunch, the group will release the numbered golf balls from a helicopter at a goal (golf flag). Win the ball closest to the target new gas grill as the grand prize. Other prizes are planned. The group will end the event with free airplane and helicopter tours.

Chapter JT Rice-North Dakota serves the state of North Dakota, with urgent air and ground air transport, a targeted service for trapped patients, seeking treatment in distant medical places, terminally ill patients, requesting t return home to families, pastors and missionaries within the scope of their duties, and additional circumstances for older people and the general public who have valid emergency transport needs.

There is an unlimited need to help others and to provide urgent behavior. This is an invitation for all North Dakotans, organized and supportive people to attend this event. Numbering golf guns can be purchased for the ball drop at the event or previously from any Pilots for Christ's members or at Maddock businesses. With a 3,000 cement runway and a new path, the airport can accommodate most of the aircraft wishing to land in Maddock.

For more information, contact Pat Tracy, Chapter of Pilots for Christ, JT Rice-North Dakota, thegrocer@gondtc.com or call 701-438-2343 or 701-739-9024 or www.pilotsforchrist-nd. com

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