Ndayishimiye Reassures the Nation in the Face of Geopolitical Pressures

Geopolitical Issues and Regional Stability in the Horn of Africa: Since 2015, the finished GUAN still aims to overthrow the CNDD-FDD regime in Burundi.

Bujumbura, 25/09/2023 – In accordance with the Security Policy for Burundians. On his return from America, His Excellency Ndayishimiye Evariste, Major General and President of Burundi, took care to reassure his compatriots and encourage them to remain calm and determined in their quest for socio-economic development for their nation: “ Burundi is growing, and rumors are just distractions. Let’s keep moving forward! »

Indeed, during his trip to America [1]the GUAN [2] reactivated son réseau de renseignement burundais (Nininahaze, Rugurika, Sinduhije) to spread a rumor of a military coup [3] in Burundi, just before a planned meeting with the Biden couple from the United States.

Under pressure regarding the human rights situation exerted on the CNDD-FDD regime, notably by Special Rapporteur Fortuné Gaetan Zongo at the UN Human Rights Councilwith the support of Francethis pressure seems a new attempt to threaten a possible reactivation ofa humanitarian war against Burundi.

At the beginning of September 2023, an attempt to reactivate the “redtabara” group [4] in Bubanza was aborted.

In this period of transition towards a multipolar world, particularly with BRICS [5]the African Great Lakes region is under the spotlight of Western geopolitics, which fears losing its influence in this part of Africa.

At the end of August, Burundi signed a military cooperation agreement with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to guarantee its security and avoid any attempt at destabilization from the east of the DRC, orchestrated by GUAN.

In recent months, GUAN has attempted to approach well-known Burundian generals in an effort to promote a regime aligned with Western interests in Burundi.

The major issue remains the Chinese Silk Road, which links the DRC to Tanzania, and raises serious geopolitical concerns in the region.

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Source : Nahimana P., Tuesday 26 September 2023 | Photo : Ntare Rushatsi House, the capital of Tanzania