“Nearby Share” supports file sharing function between Android ⇔ Windows PC!Beta version released | Smartphone roundup

Android file sharing function “Nearby Share”.

It is a convenient function that is said to be equivalent to AirDrop in iOS by sending and receiving files and applications between nearby Android devices using Bluetooth communication.

And this time, although this Nearby Share is a beta version, it turned out that it also supports Windows computers.

Very easy to set up.

Download and install the app on your PC from the official Android page and follow the steps to set it up. (No need to install the app on the Android side)

You will be able to send various files from your Android device to your PC, or from your PC to your Android device.

This Nearby Share can also be used to share files with other people, but personally I get the impression that it is convenient to share files between my devices.

This is because, until now, when I wanted to share files between Android ⇔ PC, I often used email, Google Docs, or Google Photos, but if I use this, I can send files in fairly quickly.

I’ve only used it a little, but so far, it doesn’t seem to have any problems even in the beta version.
If you are interested, give it a try.


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