Nebraska meets with Maryland running the Big Ten live competition Men's Basketball

CHICAGO – out of breath, staying outside the Nebraska locker room, was the dumping of a drift piping into the hall.

For themselves, the party had to wait. Her senior point guard was covering an interview with BTN after Nebraska 69-61 had been upset over Maryland's seed.

Which was fine, because he needed to spend some time. On Wednesday night, he didn't dance to celebrate the victory. It was a little goofy, and “SportsCenter” played it on Thursday morning.

With a victory like this – a victory that surprised the conference, he made fans guess the departure of Miles and slipped a glass slipper on the program as the Big Ten Cinderella – he wanted it to nail.

Watson moved out of court and into the hall, and both exploded into the locker room. Miles moved his shoulders up and down, then they slipped. He informed the equipment manager Pat Norris, who kicked Michael Jackson.

The players broke off their seats, then emptied their bottles of water on one Miles and jumped everyone to a steady hammer hammer.

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When Miles was made, he wore his glasses.

Rinse and repeat, he said.

“He said, imid We win the game, I'm going to dance, you dump me water, flush and repeat,” said Tanner Borchardt senior. “And we'll do it again tomorrow.”

For the second straight day, Nebraska won only seven players, this time he brought a Maryland team who applied to NU in February. James Palmer scored 24 high team points, Glynn Watson 19 added and Nebraska suffered Maryland, while the Terrapins were detained to 36 percent from the floor.

They doubled the Bruno Fernando center, which was about 18 points and 18 behind in two previous replicas. It scored only three points with eight rebounds.

“You know, we were not very good today, I'll really be true to you,” said Maryland coach, Mark Turgeon. “And Nebraska thought, I was amazing.”

With 13-2 run in the first half, Nebraska was given a derogation of 30-17. The lead grew to as much as 14 in the second half. Maryland cut that amount to six with five minutes left, because Anthony Cowan scored on the edge and from 3. He finished with 18 points.

Johnny Trueblood got a walk on Fernando with less than two minutes left and sent it back to Palmer, who hit his third pointer 3 days. That was what the nine main leaders did, and Maryland never succeeded.

“I was resting at Coach (Jim) Molinari to‘ go back, go back, '' but I was already introduced and said, ‘Screw it, I got this rebound, '' said Trueblood.

Nebraska is the second ever 13 seed in the Big Ten competition to go on to the quarter quarter. He will play No. 4 Wisconsin seed on Friday at about 2 p.m.

“We came straight into a clear mind, and it's against everyone,” said Watson.

But there will be a few people who will jump on board. The college basketball world is produced by the Nebraska season dynamics, as well as the fall, as well as the stories associated with this team now. Watson, the hometown of Chicago kid, finishing his career with great play. Trueblood, the walk from Elkhorn South, making a name for himself. Miles, the main coach fighting off his job, winning up with reduced highlights.

“We just refuse to quit,” said Miles.

When Miles and the team left the hotel to make a game plan for Wisconsin on Thursday, the seats on the chairs in the locker room were still wet.

Nebraska wants to make moisture again tomorrow.


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