Negative factors are still weighing on the rise in soybean meal market outlook | Soybean meal_Sina


According to SunSirs monitoring data, starting from December, the demand for final feed has turned weak, and the importsoybeansHong Kong arrivals increased, multiple negative pressures,soybean mealThe market continued to fall for more than half a month. On December 19, the average market price of soybean meal was 4,686 yuan / ton, a decrease of 6.76% from the beginning of the month.

Since December, the final feed industry has not been very enthusiastic about buying soybean meal, and demand has turned weak, along with the increase in the number of imported soybeans arriving in Hong Kong, the tight supply of soybean meal has improved times.

Suppressed by multiple negative factors, the soybean meal market weakened, and the price continued to decline weakly.

Li Bing, an agricultural product analyst at SunSirs, believes: the negative factors are still there, and the market outlook for soybean meal is under pressure.

(Article source: SunSir)

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