Negotiating Department supports Pattani products “Processed Sea Food-Batik Cloth” using FTA for export

The Department of Trade Negotiations joins partner agencies to visit the area in Pattani province to tutor community enterprise farmers And more than 150 entrepreneurs learn how to market. Use the benefits of FTA exports along with a guru to help analyze the product. Suggest product development to satisfy consumers And went to the area to meet seafood, fisheries and batik producers before being selected to participate in the FTA Fair, which was launched to the market both at home and abroad

Oramon Supthaweetham Director General of the Department of Trade Negotiations Revealed after presiding over the opening of the seminar “Identifies the use of FTA to expand Pattani product exports to the ASEAN market” under the project to build a network connecting 4 states on the southern border. To the ASEAN Free Trade Market at the CS Pattani Hotel that the department joined the Friends in Need Organization (of “PA”) in difficult times, the Thai Red Cross Society, the National Farmers Council Southern Border States Administrative Center State Office of Commerce Office Promotion of Foreign Trade in Kuala Lumpur and the Farmers Council Office Organize a seminar to teach information about the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), trade regulations marketing strategy and international market trends for community enterprise entrepreneurs and more than 150 farmers to introduce expansion’ the foreign market. and the use of FTA in exports

During the seminar, there was also an opportunity for participants to bring their products to display and sell. There are important products such as batik cloth, fish crackers, Luk Yee, stainless honey and ginger powder, and experts have asked them to help with analysis. And recommend product development to meet market and consumer needs. which gives importance to the environment and sustainability to adapt them for further production and marketing as well

Ms. Oramon that the Department also visited the area to meet entrepreneurs. community enterprise and farmers in the area to listen to information about production and distribution of products such as rafting entrepreneurs, Chok Udomrat is a manufacturer of premium boiled blue crab products and boxed pasteurized blue crab meat that operates fisheries that protect the environment and do not destroy the ecosystem Entrepreneurs fish crackers or Krae Poh Brand Nasreen She developed products that could be successfully exported to the Japanese market. and available in modern trades nationwide, including Big C, Max Value, TOPs and 7-11, Orang Pantai Community Enterprise is a manufacturer and distributor of Kulao salted fish. There is a unique production process, good taste, no additives. and can sell the product for 1,300 baht per kilogram. It is considered a standard and standard product. and the Barahom Batik group by adapting patterns from porcelain, antique vessels, and dyeing fabrics with natural colors it has a unique pattern making it possible to sell products at high prices and for sale on the Thai Airways website

“The Department plans to bring potential products from Pattani Province to participate in the FTA Fair, bringing Thai products to the free trade market. which will be held in August 2023 to create business opportunities and increase retail distribution channels for entrepreneurs Including business matching with modern trade department stores and foreign trade partners. By taking advantage of FTA, most FTA partners such as ASEAN, China, Australia and Hong Kong have already exempted import duties from Thailand,” said Oramon.

In 2022, Thailand exports fresh crabs. Chilled, frozen, steamed or boiled, and canned crabs to the world market, worth $46 million. Major export markets such as China, Australia and South Korea shipped $103 million worth of fish and fish-based crackers. Major export markets such as China, Australia and Cambodia exported dried salted or smoked fish worth US$52.34 million. important export markets such as Japan, Sri Lanka and the United States and export fabrics Especially batik worth 0.71 million US dollars. Major export markets such as India, Pakistan and Vietnam.


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