Negotiation in the UK: Labor ends Brexit talks

Negotiation in the UK

For weeks was negotiated – now there is a sudden end. For the Prime Minister, it would be difficult to get their deal through Parliament.

Theresa May closes her eyes

The successor is already being discussed: Prime Minister Theresa May Photo: Reuters

LONDON dpa | The week-long talks between the British government and the opposition over a compromise in the Brexit dispute have failed for the time being. "We have not been able to bridge important political differences between us," said Labor head Jeremy Corbyn of PA, according to PA in London on Friday.

Prime Minister Theresa May had started talks with Labor at the end of March, after failing for the third time in parliament with her exit agreement negotiated with the EU. She wants to present the agreement again to the deputies at the beginning of June by way of a legislative procedure. For that she had hoped for support from the Labor Party. That should be difficult now.

The deadline for leaving the EU has been extended until 31 October. Actually, the country should have left the community of states on March 29th. May is under massive pressure within her conservative party. On Thursday, regardless of the success of her deal, she agreed to set the timetable for her successor this summer.

For May's succession, ex-Foreign Minister Boris Johnson had put in place on Thursday. "Of course, I'll apply," said Johnson, who had been holding back for weeks, on the sidelines of a speech in Manchester on the question of whether he would stand in May's resignation for the post of party leader. "That should not be a secret." The government was not very dynamic in the Brexit negotiations with Brussels. He has an endless appetite "to help the country on the right track". Besides him, many other politicians of the Conservative Party have expressed their interest.


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