Neha is also in the list of Mangalam rich girls

MUMBAI: Neha Narkhade (37), co-founder of streaming data technology company Confluent, has been chosen as the youngest Indian woman herself. IIFL Neha has been featured in the Hurun Wealth India Rich List 2022.
Neha Narkhade is ranked 336 on India’s Hurun Rich List with a net worth of Rs 13,380 crore. Born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, Neha graduated from Pune University with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He then earned a master’s degree in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In 2014, Neha quit her job at LinkedIn and founded Confluent with two colleagues. Neha is also the co-creator of Apache Kafka, an open source messaging system. Neha works as an investor and advisor to several technology companies.
Neha is ranked 8th in the list of billionaires in India. She went to the USA in 2007 to pursue her Master’s degree in Computer Science.

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