Neha Khayal’s ‘Sangeet Baharum’ and ‘Raag Baharum’ released at Sharjah International Book Festival

Sharjah: Neha Khayal’s books ‘Sangeet Baharum’ and ‘Raag Baharum’ were released at the Sharjah International Book Festival. The book contains comprehensive information about Hindustani music. Hindustani music, that, music forms, gharanas, musicians, musical instruments, qualities of singing, swarasadhana and rules of Hindustani music are explained in the book. Pandit Ramesh Narayan, Padmasree Somaghosh, Suprio Dutt, Appachan Mathew and Kavalam Sasikumar congratulated the book.

Published by Haritam Books, Neha’s books are available at the Sharjah International Book Festival. Kamalasanan and Sheela Devi’s second daughter is Neha and she has directed the English short film ‘The Expiry Date of Love’.

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