Neighbors’ lives improved by hydrogen cleaning trucks… Hyundai Motor Group releases campaign video

Hyundai Motor Group develops the world’s first hydrogen cleaning truck… Effect of improving the working environment of a sanitation agency

▲ Hydrogen cleaning truck developed by Hyundai Motor Group (Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company)

On the 30th, ‘Dear My Hero (To My Hero)’, a video of the 2021 new technology big campaign, was released on the 30th, which shows the process of improving the lives of neighbors through the world’s first hydrogen cleaning truck developed by Hyundai Motor Group.

Hyundai Motor Group developed a hydrogen cleaning truck with the idea that if hydrogen fuel cell technology is applied to cleaning trucks that are mainly operated in residential areas, exhaust gas can be completely eliminated and the noise reduction effect is also high, which will benefit the local community such as environmental cleaners and residents. did.

The hydrogen cleaning truck that appears in the video released on this day is a model that has optimized the design of the fuel cell system and hydrogen tank to fit the existing cleaning truck.

The video of ‘Dear My Hero’ shows the difficulties faced by the environmental sanitation worker, who is the main character of keeping a clean city, working with the existing internal combustion engine cleaning truck, and then introduces the process of greatly improving the work environment with the introduction of the hydrogen cleaning truck.

The video conveys the image of environmental sanitation workers doing their best in a poor work environment due to exhaust gas, heat, and noise emitted from cleaning trucks. To improve this, the newly introduced hydrogen cleaning truck does not emit exhaust gas, but rather purifies the surrounding air to provide a much more pleasant work environment, and greatly improves the work environment by reducing noise and installing a simple washbasin to increase work efficiency. .

The hydrogen cleaning truck has two fuel cell systems applied to the Nexo and has a maximum output of 190kW. Thanks to a specially designed motor (maximum output 240kW, maximum torque 3800Nm), the truck weighs 9.5t and is loaded with 4.5t of garbage. You can easily climb steep hills.

The hydrogen cleaning truck reduces the overall noise by about 40% compared to the existing one, helping environmental sanitation workers to perform their work efficiently. When driving or stopping, only the sound of the electric motor or machine is heard, and there is no noise or vibration generated by commercial vehicles with internal combustion engines. Due to the nature of the collection work, which is mainly carried out in the morning, complaints from residents regarding vehicle noise have also decreased.

In addition, in order to solve the difficulties of environmental sanitation workers who cannot wash properly even if dirty during garbage collection work, a simple washbasin using pure water discharged from the hydrogen fuel cell system was provided to ensure hygiene.

▲ Hydrogen cleaning truck developed by Hyundai Motor Group (Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company)

▲ Hydrogen cleaning truck developed by Hyundai Motor Group (Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company)

Hyundai Motor Group plans to use data obtained during the demonstration operation of hydrogen cleaning trucks conducted in Changwon City to study various possibilities of use of hydrogen electric trucks, which are attracting attention as eco-friendly mobility, and to further enhance technological perfection.

A Hyundai Motor Group official said, “The hydrogen cleaning truck that appears in ‘Dear My Hero’ will play a major role in making our lives better with hydrogen, an eco-friendly energy in the future. We will continue to develop new technologies that can make them prosperous.”



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