NEIGHBORS presents a Full-Funnel Marketing strategy to penetrate the product and service market

NEIGHBORS (NEIGHBORS), a full service boutique advertising and marketing agency. Bringing together professionals in business, marketing and agency strategy, transforming the traditional agency service model with a Full-Funnel Marketing strategy, focusing on the highly complex High Involvement products and services market. Respond to customer problems and solve them precisely Reach the real target audience. The ultimate goal is that customers must sell products or services with maximum efficiency.

Mr Phachara Chinnawong, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Business Officer of Neighbors and Friends Co, Ltd, said that NEIGHBORS is formed by a combination of people who work in business strategy, marketing and advertising agencies. every person is They specialize in the High Content group where consumers tend to spend more time and information on purchasing decisions than general products such as real estate, cars, financial services. health and insurance services These products or services cannot be traditionally used or marketed as scams. but need a strategy to reach the target audience and expand the results after starting the campaign It is a perfect collaboration between Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel to Bottom of Funnel. NEIGHBORS team will provide full funnel links to customers and work with customers. To find out the real problem, plan and take steps towards the goal, that is, our customers can sell products.

“Neighbors work differently to other agencies. Because marketing for High Content products has to go through a systematic thought process, designing a Customer Journey through a strategy called Full-Funnel Marketing, which will gradually screen people until they find the one who’ n real customer. By focusing on details in strategic marketing. Identify the target audience that favors the customer’s brand, product or service. ready to present information to stimulate decision making for the target group as well as present advertisements to persuade target groups to make purchasing decisions.”

The basics of advertising must go through the principles of marketing It will produce and bring various pieces of work into the decision making process of that target group. Go through the decision making process and develop the target audience’s decision making schedule. In the first step, it will create awareness for consumers to know about the brand. Once it is known, it will go to the stage of Interest or make people feel interested. When there is interest, it will go to the next stage which is Consideration that must motivate users to consider through to the final conversion, or ultimately referring to the purchase decision,” said Mr. Phachara.

Neighbors will pay attention to every step of the work process. And working with customers in teamwork. In addition, NEIGHBORS also pays attention to the development of technology used in marketing. Whether it stores data analysis Track customer or competitor information Including closing the sale

Mr Phachara added about the success of using the Full-Funnel Marketing strategy that NEIGHBORS used this strategy to take care and solve problems for more than 300 customers, which is used to cause more than 30 real estate projects to sell out in the participation High group, the whole hospital beauty clinic furniture manufacturing company finance company banking Past success has made NEIGHBORS confident in the Full-Funnel Marketing strategy that will make the customer’s business successful. customers have trusted NEIGHBORS to look after more than 70 brands.

“We see the NEIGHBORS business growing further. because of a High-Participation product group It does not have to be a high-priced product such as a house, condo, or car. Businesses related to health or finance do not depend on the type of product. But it depends on the behavior of consumers who pay attention to the details of the product. Look for things that will satisfy your needs as much as possible. Even everyday items that are not high in price are High Involvement,” says Phachara.

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