Neowiz 2D action game ‘Unsould’, officially released globally

[로이슈 편도욱 기자]

On the 28th, ‘Unsouled’, a 2D action RPG serviced by Neowiz (Co-CEO Seungcheol Kim, Taegeun Bae) and developed by Megusta Games (CEO Jinseop Jeong), was officially released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Game Pass on the 28th. said.

Unsould is a 2D action RPG in which a prince of exile with the ability to absorb souls uncovers the secrets of a world overshadowed by the dead. It provides a breathtaking battle experience with fast-paced play, deep action, and beautiful pixel art that changes in real time.

In the full version of Unsould, you can experience a total of 5 chapters, and you can check 60 kinds of passive abilities, 7 kinds of boss skills, and 16 kinds of character skills. It supports 4 languages ​​including Korean, English, Japanese and German.

In addition to the existing story mode and boss rush mode, new content ‘Abyss Advancement’ and ‘Mirror Space’ have also been added. Abyss Advancement is a content that allows you to summon up to 5 enemies and check your combo damage while fighting, allowing you to enjoy a more diverse experience than the existing abyss. In particular, the space of the mirror is a variety of challenge modes that can be selected in the game, and users can participate in more difficult tasks.

Various events are being held to commemorate this official launch. First of all, until May 9th, you can purchase it at a 35% discount on Steam and 20% off on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. In addition, 10 users who posted or retweeted a post containing the hashtag ‘Unsould’ on Twitter for two weeks will be selected by lot to receive a steam gift card of 10,000 won.

By Do-wook Pyun, staff reporter

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