Neowiz P’s fake Korean soul-like will be recognized worldwide

Noh Chang-gyu AD (left) and Choi Ji-won PD (right)

Noh Chang-gyu AD (left) and Choi Ji-won PD (right)

There is a Korean game that is attracting global attention as a so-called soul-like genre similar to From Software’s ‘Dark Soul’. It is ‘Lies of P’ under development by Round 8 Studio under Neowiz. This game is an action game adapted from the classic fairy tale ‘Pinocchio’ into an adult cruel drama set in the Belle Epoque era at the end of the 19th century. The main character with a mechanical body is on a journey to become a human. The first trailer video was released six months ago, and an in-game video containing a bizarre and beautiful atmosphere was recently released, drawing much attention from Soul Like fans.

On the 30th, Neowiz prepared an online interview with PD Choi Ji-won and AD Noh Chang-gyu of Round 8 Studio, which is developing ‘The Falsehood of P’, and introduced detailed information about the game.

Producer Choi Ji-won explained why he chose Soul Like, saying, “It’s a genre that draws worldwide enthusiasm, so I couldn’t help but challenge it.” When ‘Dark Souls’ first came out, the perception was strong as a fanatic genre, but as the series continued, it was incorporated into the mainstream genre enough to be selected in many Game of the Year. He said, “I wanted to be recognized around the world, so choosing Soul Like was a natural process in a way.”

After this in-game play video was released, one of the most popular reactions was that it was ‘similar to From Software’s Bloodborne’. ‘Bloodborne’ is a game that depicts a dark world plagued by an epidemic based on gothic and steam punk, and it is a masterpiece that received good reviews from both the public and critics.

PD Choi Ji-won said, “As a gamer who enjoyed Bloodborne deeply, I am honored.” “I can say that I was inspired not only by Bloodborne, but also from BioShock and Dishonored. If you are creative, you can create content with a new perspective no matter what. Even if it does, it seems that the previous experience is bound to be buried,” he said.


He continued, “However, if you get to know P’s false content and system, you will gradually realize that you are walking a different path from Bloodborne. On the other hand, the falsehood of P is a visual expression of the anthropocentric pragmatism of the Belle Epoque era, and there are many responses that the weapon system is similar. It can be combined with other tools to transform it into a weapon with a variety of appearances.”

Noh Chang-gyu AD also said, “Bloodborne spans the soul-like genre and has the common point that it was set in 19th century Europe, so we can feel that way. I’m trying to express myself. The video released this time is just the tip of the iceberg, so please wait a little bit.”

Belle Époque, meaning ‘beautiful times’ in French, refers to an era in which France prospered socially, technologically and economically. They usually feel apathetic and cheerful. However, ‘P’s Lies’ is very dark despite being set in the Belle Epoque era. This is because the original interpretation was added according to the development keyword, ‘It should be bizarre but beautiful’.

PD Choi Ji-won said, “When expressing the end of the 19th century as a game, three styles are usually used: steampunk, dieselpunk, and the western movie ‘Wild Wild West’. He boldly abandoned all three. Then he found the Belle Epoque era, where iron technology and science developed, and decided that adding a dark and terrifying atmosphere to it would be attractive.”


As the name of the game suggests, one of the important systems that drives the game is a lie. Every time the main character lies, certain indicators accumulate, and as a result, he becomes a human little by little. This is the opposite interpretation of the original ‘Pinocchio’. Because human beings are capable of lying. Depending on this lie indicator, the events that occur in the game change, and the ending also changes. Producer Choi Ji-won explained, “The character you meet may or may not be an enemy depending on the presence or absence of lies.”

The expected play time is about 30 hours or more, and the number of endings is expected to be at least 3 or more. Although the map is not open world, it is a seamless form without loading. Producer Jiwon Choi said, “Various ways for users to overcome difficulties and routes to reach their destinations are presented.” He added, “We are also working hard on the continuity between chapters, the journey between the boss and the boss. It won’t be too new. We have our own unique level design while having the commonalities of the soul-like genre.”

He continued, “We do not consider the multiplayer system that can directly affect the gameplay. It is important that enough fun is delivered in single player. Instead, we are preparing enough means to indirectly communicate with other people.” added.

The ‘slave arm’, a weapon system attached to the main character’s left arm, is also noteworthy. It is a system that allows you to use dynamic skills, and you can change or strengthen your weapons. There are about 30 kinds of weapons that appear, and if you combine them, they can be differentiated into more than hundreds of weapons. Combined weapons show different appearances not only in appearance, but also in performance and pattern.


‘The Falsehood of P’ is under development for PC and console platforms, and the specific release date is expected to be revealed in the second half of 2022. PD Choi Ji-won said, “It’s been less than a year since the game was produced in earnest. However, we plan to complete about 50% of the production process by the end of this year. Development is fast, but the final quenching to ensure quality may take a long time. Yes, it is expected that pre-orders will start in the second half of 2022.”

He also said, “We are positively reviewing the release of not only the next-generation console but also the current-generation console so that as many users as possible can enjoy the game.” said.

On this day, PD Choi Ji-won drew attention by saying, “I do not consider the introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which is a hot trend in the game industry.” His position is to exclude realistic aspects such as profitability that are not fun factors. He said, “Not only me but also developers working in the game industry would not have chosen this job to make money. “If you have a desire to make good games, an opportunity will come someday. I hope that we can all work together so that our country’s game industry can grow qualitatively,” he said.

Noh Chang-gyu AD said, “All the development teams are making games with fun and hard work. We are developing at a level that can convince users, so please wait a little patiently and we will show you a good side.”

Seo Dong-min, reporter for Game Talk


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