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On this day (December 15), NEOWIZ announced that the casual healing adventure game “Aka” developed by Cosmo Gatto has been officially released worldwide on “Steam” and “Nintendo Switch” at the same time. It supports nine languages, including Japanese, Korean and English. The price is 1320 yen (tax included) for Steam and Nintendo Switch. 10% off offer until December 28th.

This work is a “healing adventure game” that takes place in an open world. It is a story where a retired military red panda “Aka” encounters a “soul” that was damaged by the war and heals the “soul” by looking back at himself.

You can decorate the island by using content that can be challenged in the game such as “collecting” and “crafting”. You can enjoy a “healing experience” with various activities prepared in the game such as mini-games, swimming, cloud observation, and island exploration.

In addition, in the process of solving missions that occur through contact with NPCs (Non-Player Characters), you can experience fun that is different from healing.

In the official release version, you can enjoy “4 types of islands” where you can feel different climates and charms such as “Momiji Island”, “Palm Tree Island”, “Bamboo Island”, and “Palm Island”. .

In particular, each island has its own main quests and subquests, allowing users to enjoy a variety of content.

Here, you can experience mini games in places you can visit while walking around the village, such as ‘Cat Tavern’, ‘Tarot Card Fortune Telling’, ‘Hat Shop’, ‘Mill Mill’ and ‘Inventor’s House’.

(C) NEOWIZ and Cosmo Gatto. All rights reserved.


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