Neowiz RPG ‘Brown Dust & Puzzle’, new hero ‘Granhilt’ updated

Added new legendary hero ‘Granhilt’ which increases the defense of allies

A new season of ‘Advent’, a PvE content where you can experience a powerful boss battle, is starting

Start of global service through Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Neowiz (co-producers Kim Seung-cheol and Bae Tae-geun) announced on the 31st that the mobile 3-game puzzle RPG ‘BrownDust & Puzzle’ has updated a new hero, ‘Granhilt’.

Legendary rank Granhilt is a water attribute defensive hero. You can use the ‘Divine Power’ skill, which deals damage to all enemies and removes all beneficial status effects, while making allies immune to all damage and harmful status effects. In addition, at the start of the battle, he has two passive skills that increase the defense of all allies and reduce the amount of damage received.

Along with this, the new Advent season ‘Granhilt – Star of Nihilism’ will also be held. In this season, Granhilt appears as a powerful defensive boss. In the case of Advent Granhilt, it removes the beneficial effects of allied heroes and gives a strong defense effect of its own, continuing the battle. In particular, through this update, it has been improved to make it easier to participate in Advent by lowering the difficulty to Easy.

A new costume, ‘Black Winged Granhilt’ has been added. It can be obtained by purchasing a Granhilt Premium Legend Pass. When wearing the outfit, hero information background, hero icon, and skill effect are changed. Dalbi’s ‘Summer Vacation’ outfit will also be reprinted and sold.

Meanwhile, ‘Brown Dust & Puzzle’, which was first introduced in Korea and Japan, was officially released globally through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on the 30th. It supports a total of five languages: Korean, Japanese, English, and Traditional/Simplified Chinese.

To commemorate the global release, an event offering generous prizes will also be held. First of all, you can receive up to 10,000 diamonds just by accessing the game every day until June 5th. In addition, 1,000 additional diamonds will be provided if the number of comments welcoming global users collected through the official cafe exceeds 100. If you enter the coupon code that can be verified through the cafe official here until June 30, you can receive 10 ‘Advanced Contracts’ in your mailbox.

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