Neowiz Updates 4 Dominus Octo Helpers to’Brown Dust’

Neowiz Co., Ltd. (CEO Moon Ji-soo) announced on the 20th that the mobile strategy RPG’Browndust’ developed by Neowiz Games Co., Ltd. (CEO Junhee Lee) has updated four new Dominus Octo helpers.

First, the main character of the four newly introduced assistants is’El Mahab’, the assistant of the 5-star magic type Belfern. Elmahab was the first vampire, the king of laziness, who raised and educated Belpern, and made him a vampire. ‘Hergea’, the helper of the five-star attack type presentation, is the younger sister of the presentation and a maid of honor. The goal is to get rid of Belfern and make the speaker the best ruler in the night world.

‘Levidel’, the helper of the five-star defensive Mamunir, is the daughter of the Dead Sea lord Kraken.When the Dead Sea was in crisis, he asked Mamanir for help, and later shared part of his soul with Mamanir, who died due to a worsening chronic illness. ‘Porticia’, the helper of the 5-star support type Asmod, is the founder of the succubus and the lord of the squadron Riasil. Asmod, who does not fall into her absolute fascination, is betting on who will pass to the opponent first.

Along with this, Brown Dust Season 2 leads to a passage to the night world, and ends with the last story of Dominus Okto, the ruler of great power and Prince Adele, who escaped through the passage.

In-game system updates were also in progress. First, the battle speed of the PvP (Player vs Player) content arena and the holy arena is supported up to 3x speed, and the time of berserk and forced end of battle has been accelerated. Here, the voices of the mercenaries, assistants, and costumes are updated, so that you can enjoy the game by choosing a voice between Japanese and Korean.

There are also various events that provide generous rewards. Jumping quest missions and rewards that help character growth have been added, and by completing all missions, you can obtain rare items such as the legendary skill book and the legendary mercenary ability enhancement elixir, and one of the legendary mercenaries Belfern and Mamonir.

In addition, when contracting 10 legendary mercenaries, one additional time is given, and when mercenary experience is enhanced, slime experience is provided 1.5 times. In addition, there are 10 chances to transfer legendary mercenary skills for free in a total of two times.

In commemoration of Black Friday, you can get 10 free contracts just by connecting to the game from November 26th to December 2nd, and by completing weekly missions, you will be provided with a wealth of items such as legendary skill book pieces and legendary skill transfer rights. The decisive battle day event is also held until December 17th.

In addition, soul equipment can be summoned at a 10% discount, and TS (Trans-Sexual) costume of the popular 5-star defense mercenary’Vine’ has been added.


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