NESDB warns 2-4 February. The situation of PM2.5 is accumulating more at a level that affects health

On 2 February 2023, Mr Pinsak Suraswadee, Director General of the Pollution Control Department (PCD) announced the situation of PM2.5 dust and measures to solve the problem at the Air Pollution Resolution Center (PCD), the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Building of the Environment. It was found that the particulate matter PM2.5 exceeded the standard until it began to affect health in many areas. both in Bangkok Metropolitan Provinces 17 Northern Provinces and the Northeast In some areas, the level affects health.

Mr Pinsak said that the PCD predicts PM2.5 dust in the Bangkok area. Metropolitan states and 17 northern states found that Dust tends to accumulate more. Between February 2 and February 4, 2023, due to still and closed weather conditions, the areas to watch for in and around Bangkok are Central Bangkok, North and South Bangkok, which is the end of the windy area. and areas that should be monitored for the 17 northern states, namely the upper and lower northern regions, where the CDC has coordinated and integrated with relevant agencies. According to the action plan to drive the national agenda “Solve the problem of dust pollution” as well as analyze the situation of PM2.5 and encourage various agencies centrally and locally Step up source control measures, such as strictly banning open burning. to have fuel control and coordinate with the ASEAN Secretariat Let neighboring countries accelerate the reduction of hotspots. including the governor of the northern states A war room meeting has been called to raise measures to prevent and solve forest fires, smog and dust in the northern areas.

In addition, MNRE has integrated close cooperation with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to upgrade operations, focusing on reducing dust sources, for example, thoroughly inspecting industrial factories. Ask for cooperation from private companies and government agencies Enable Work from Home staff to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and prevent and reduce the impact on public health.

The public can follow the PM2.5 situation and air quality reports through Air4Thai and AirBKK websites and applications, especially for high-risk people. to wear a hygienic mask Avoid outdoor activities to reduce long-term health risks If you have any health symptoms, see a doctor.

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