Nestled in underwear!! Cil kid caught cheating on ‘A Level’ exams, hiding his mobile phone in his underwear secretly filming the exam

Nestled in underwear!! Cil kid caught cheating on ‘A Level’ exams, hiding his mobile phone in his underwear secretly filming the exam

On March 19, Professor Assoc Dr. Chalee Charoenlapnoparat Assistant to the President for Admissions Thammasat University (TU) and manager of the central selection system to study in higher education institutions for the academic year 2023 or TCAS 2023 revealed that the A level examination on March 18-19 has announcing the results on April 17, requesting a review of the scores Exam 18-25 April The examination overview went smoothly. There were some problems, for example, the examiner forgot to bring his ID card. Due to choosing to show the ID card through the electronic system or applications issued by the government The application seems to crash. Unable to show ID, etc. I want the candidates to prepare themselves before sitting the exam. That is, you must bring a real ID card. and the examiner’s identity card to be ready Examination equipment must be well prepared. Because this year, only 2B or more pencils are allowed, no more than 3 pencils, an eraser without a cap. 1 piece of spare mask, put in a clear plastic bag that can be brought to the exam room And don’t forget to rain on the exam pack you received.

Professor Assoc continued. Dr. Chalee, however, during the A Level Examination in Mathematics 1 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am today, there is a report that one cheater was found on the examination grounds of Sarawittaya School, Bangkok., this cheater She’ n a female student in Silma, who graduated from Matayom 6 last year. Come in for the exam by secretly putting your mobile phone in your underwear. On entering the exam room, take a photo of the exam. The inspector felt guilty, so he was detained and brought his mobile phone for inspection. It was discovered that there is a picture of the exam for Mathematics 1, which is the first exam on March 19th.

“After knowing reported the case at the police station by the examination field committee and field representatives investigating the case with those who commit fraud through the penalty of that corruption The candidate will not receive the announcement for the test scores in each subject. And he will be expelled for the exam for 2 years, which is the exam in the academic year 2024-2025 do not commit fraud Better not to risk Because the consequences that follow are numerous. no matter how realistic There is always a chance of being caught The penalty received is suspended for 2 years and may be recorded in history. causing myself to have a bad history,” said Professor Assoc Dr. Chalee.

Reporters reported that there were 181,722 candidates for the A Level examination out of a total of 284,662 registered users in the TCAS system, divided into the following subjects: Applied Mathematics 1 (Basic + Additional) 139,747 people, Applied Mathematics 2 (Basic) 96,253 people. , Applied Science 60,166 persons, Physics 101,175 persons, Chemistry 95,941 persons, Biology 94,064 persons, Social Studies 153,022 persons, Thai language 156,131 persons, English 173,780 persons, French 2,79,1 persons, Japanese 2 ,79,1 2 persons, French 2,795, 4 persons, Germans 2,795, 2,774 Chinese 9,068 persons, Pali 977 persons and Spanish 772 persons

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