NETA is showcasing electric vehicle innovations at the Motor Expo 2022, opening the NETA V price at 599,000 baht.

Friday, 02 December 2022

NETA reflects its position “Popularizer of Smart EV: Creating Electric Vehicle Innovation for Everyone”, revealing the development of electric vehicle technology to another level with “Hozon Intelligent Technology” and bringing NETA S, the ultimate 100% excellent electric vehicle with driving advanced support technology with intelligent connectivity, exhibiting at the Thailand International Motor Expo, announcing price adjustments for NETA V after production costs have steadily increased, confident that NETA V will continue to be an electric vehicle that everyone can afford own it

Mr. said Wang ChengJie, Vice President of Hosen New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., “Technological development is one of the main drivers of upgrading the automotive industry. great emphasis on research and development, as well as collaboration with the world’s leading technology leaders in the continuous development of electric vehicles, so that everyone has “The right to equal access to technology”

Recently, NETA has launched its technology brand “Hozon Intelligent Technology”, which will provide a smarter and more powerful driving experience. as well as providing a safer, smarter and more personalized travel experience for NETA users. This year is the first year for NETA to participate in the Thailand International Motor Expo, which is a major international event in Thailand. All models, including NETA V, NETA U and NETA S, reflect the development of electric vehicle technology. It also shows the strong growth of the NETA brand internationally.

Meet the electric vehicle innovation from NETA at the MOTOR Expo by NETA, ready for Thai people to experience all models of 100% electric vehicles, including NETA V, NETA U and NETA S, including NETA KID reflecting the concept of the event Motor Expo this year that “It’s TIME to come and touch the Future”

● NETA V, an electric city car style suitable for the new generation looking for electric cars. which provides flexibility in driving It is included for use in the city. and suitable for everyday life use

● NETA U Pro, SUV C with a spacious and comfortable cabin. with technology that connects to the world of the Internet and drives up to 610 kilometers

● NETA S, a sports coupe, has technology that helps drive. and connect many modern IOT worlds More importantly, it comes with NETA Pilot 4.0, which corresponds to the automatic drive system L4 Autonomous Driving, providing a maximum power of 462 horsepower, 4-wheel drive, acceleration of 0- 100 in just 3.9 seconds, and a driving distance of up to 650 kilometers per full charge.

● NETA Kid electric car. Modeled from NETA S with an average speed of 3-5 kilometers per hour. Suitable for children aged 3-8 and weighing no more than 30 kg.

“Hozon Intelligent Technology” provides a smart and powerful driving experience. and provide a safer, smarter and more personalized travel experience for NETA users. It consists of three sub-brands: Hozon Supercomputing : High-end computing with large memory capacity. which can process up to 1,000Tops, supports level 4 automatic driving

Hozon Electric Drive: SiC 800V high-efficiency electric drive system adopts a complete internal cooling circulation structure with three outstanding characteristics: high pressure, high speed and high efficiency.

Hozon Extended Range: 3 in 1 drive range extension system with 4 outstanding technical features: small size, low price, high efficiency. and quiet operation There are four power modes: pure electric mode, extended range + battery charging mode, extended range + battery power mode. and safety mode

However, NETA has adjusted the price of NETA V as per the production cost situation.

Mr Bao Zhuangfei, General Manager of NETA Auto (Thailand) Co, Ltd added about NETA’s operations in Thailand that NETA together with Bangchan General Assembly Co, Ltd recently signed an agreement to join measures to support the use of electric vehicles with r Department of Foreign Affairs As a result of that signature with the Department of Excise, the company can officially start distributing NETA V from the beginning of December.

However, due to the situation of production costs which are constantly increasing. together with the exchange rate and economic conditions Including transport costs, causing the company to adjust the selling price of NETA V for those who order from December 13 onwards.

NETA continues to strive to be an electric vehicle manufacturer that everyone can truly own. The new selling price of NETA V after receiving discount measures from the government sector. Expected price will be 599,000 baht.

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For Neta Auto (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

NETA AUTO is a 100% Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, founded in 2014 with the vision of enabling people to equally own innovative, high-quality electric vehicles. Currently, there are 3 electric vehicles on the market, namely NETA U, NETA V and NETA S, with total sales of more than 200,000 units.

It is also in the group of electric vehicles with sales that continue to grow in the Chinese car market, with a growth rate of more than 362% in 2021. NETA has expanded its business to the Thai market in 2022 on behalf of Neta Auto (Thailand Aim) Co, Ltd is to allow Thai people to own 100% electric cars that bring electric vehicle innovations along with advanced technology at a price that everyone can own. In line with the organization’s vision is “Creating innovative electric vehicles…for everyone”

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