Netflix is ​​launching its own game studio – Engadget

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In the future, Netflix’s game business will not be completely dependent on third-party developers. Earlier they announced that they would be opening their own game studio in Helsinki, Finland, to create “world-class” original titles without ads or in-app purchases. Although details of the specific game have not been revealed, it is certain that Marko Lastikka, who has worked at Zynga and EA, will serve as the director of the project.

In Netflix’s opinion, Helsinki is the place to be for some of the “best gaming talent” (which is where the Next Games they acquired in March came from). But since we’re starting from scratch, we might not see Netflix’s studio output for “a few years.” That said, once this part of the business really takes off, it should also be beneficial for Netflix to increase subscriber numbers.

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