Netflix lets Robert Johnson Film ‘Devil at the Crossroads' - Rolling Stone

Netflix showed the trailer for the first time ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads, an original documentary on the life and death of legendary blues guitarist Robert Johnson.

As the trailer notes, Johnson was a well-known musician and juke partner in Mississippi during the early 1930s, before he left frankly for a year and a half and returned to a huge set of guitar picking skills. (“He's doing things with guitar that even his mentors can't do.”) By the way, Johnson managed to become a sinister boy: as the myth goes, he set his guitar. down in the middle of a crossroads one night and he called the Devil, hitting him so that he could become a master of guitar in exchange for his soul.

Johnson's sudden talents – and his early, enigmatic death at the age of 27 – gave the Devil's myth the perseverance to this day, earning a permanent place in the biographer's biography. But ReMastered It seeks to go beyond the myths and explore Johnson's influence in the history of music, including how his calming background echoes in later icons of the blues, jazz and rock & roll.

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads premiere on Netflix on 26 April.

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