Netflix new arrivals, movies-series of the month, November 2021, what’s there to watch?


Gearing up for November, Netflix delivers direct, recommended content. Movies-series-animations new on Netflix for November 2021, will there be any interesting stories? Let’s see!

Highlight not to be missed

Arcane (Arcane: League of Legends Legends)

Episodes 1-3 are scheduled to air on November 6th.
Episodes 4-6 are scheduled to air on November 13th.
Episodes 7-9 are scheduled to air on November 20th.

In the midst of a deep-rooted conflict in the neighboring towns of Piltover and Zon, Two sisters on opposite sides must fight each other in a war of sorcery and different ideologies.

Red Notice
Scheduled to air on November 12

FBI analysts track down art thief targeted by authorities. but turned into a special partner to hunt escaped criminals who are always one step ahead.

Scheduled to air on November 19

When hordes of alien monsters are rampant, wash away the blood of sinners and drag them to hell. Religious believers have the opportunity to spread the idea of ​​glorifying the punishment of God to flourish again.

New World
Scheduled to air on November 20

A reality show where 6 celebrities must figure out how to win. Ready to find a rhythm to interrupt each other’s legs. to win fictitious money prizes which can be redeemed for cash on the last day on the paradise island

life & Drama

Scheduled to air on November 1

A shocking discovery could shatter the glamorous life of a rising school athlete and his adoptive parents.

The Lighthouse
Scheduled to air on November 3

In the 1980s, lighthouse keepers in New England suspected that a veteran partner might be in a dangerous state of insanity. But he himself was hiding a secret as well.

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The Good Doctor: Season 4
Scheduled to air on November 3

The Covid-19 situation has brought many problems. Shaun and Lia face a test of their relationship. Meanwhile, Claire faces adversity that is difficult to overcome.

We Couldn’t Become Adults
Scheduled to air on November 5th.

A friend request from someone causes a man in his forties. Relive an old relationship in the 1990s and begin searching for lost hopes and dreams.

Zero to Hero
Scheduled to air on November 5th.

A work created from the real life of Sow Wah Wai. Paralympic athlete, gold medalist On the road to overcome obstacles in life and physical condition with a mother to help

Riverdale: Season 6 (Riverdale Season 6)
Scheduled to air on November 17, new episodes will be aired every week.

Season 6 continues the story in this dark teen drama series.

tick, tick…BOOM!
Scheduled to air on November 19

Celebrating his 30th birthday this year, the rising star stage composer would like to float along the melody of love, friendship and pressure in the heart that dreams of leaving his work before it’s too late.

School Town King
Scheduled to air on November 26

A documentary film that follows two teenage rappers. who use their musical abilities to sustain life in the midst of various hardships Nana in Bangkok

crime & Action

Narcos: Mexico: Season 3 (Narcos: Mexico Season 3)
Scheduled to air on November 5th.

Journalists continue their hunt for the truth as a new generation of gang leaders rise to power. Government officials are reluctant to choose between justice and corruption.

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Cowboy Bebop (Cowboy Bebop: Cowboy Bebop Season 1)
Scheduled to air on November 19

live-action series in the story of a gang of mischievous bounty hunters who hunt down the evil criminals of the galaxy. They will save the world. If there is a commensurate compensation

The Harder They Fall
Scheduled to air on November 3

To get revenge, outlaw Nat Love cowboy and his gang, along with their trusty horse and weapons, must hunt down Rufus Buck, a ruthless bandit leader who’s just been kidnapped from prison.

Transformers (Mechanical cataclysm destroys the universe)
Scheduled to air on November 1

As the Autobots and Decepticons try to take over the world’s resources, young Sam. Witwicky had no idea that he was the only hope for the survival of mankind.


It Chapter Two
Scheduled to air on November 1

27 years after his terrifying encounter with Pennywise. The Loser’s Club gets a creepy call. calling for everyone to come back and settle the pending problems in Dairy


Super Crooks Combine the Great Thieves Season 1)
Scheduled to air on November 25

Johnny Bolt teams up with a team of deadly villains for a final heist mission. Their target is the head of an evil crime syndicate with superhuman powers. How could this work go wrong?

Masters of the Universe: Revelation: Part 2
Scheduled to air on November 23

After the Great War tragedy shattered the kingdom of Eternia. Thila and her polar allies must put a stop to the cataclysm that could bring an end to the universe in this sequel to the legendary 8th century classic.

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Robin Robin
Scheduled to air on November 24

A bird raised by a mouse begins to question its own world and decides to set out to find it in this stop-motion short film.



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