Netflix presents the highlights of content, both terrifying, funny, mysterious. Don’t miss out this Autumn

Devil’s Art 1-3 (player, try 1-2)

lay a main road Netflix October 31

After being pregnant and being abandoned by a rich lover Then the woman turns to a terrifying accent as a weapon of revenge.

Real life to stories on the screen

The Good Nurse

The Premier League is scheduled for October 26

ICU nurses are so overburdened that they have to rely on new colleagues. who volunteered to help lighten the work at home and in the hospital Until the mysterious death of the patient makes him suspicious.

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3

Episodes 1-3 are set to premiere on October 18.

Episodes 4-6 premiere on October 25

The revamped true crime docu-series is back on the shelf for a new season. Right from the start, a whole new batch of puzzles are being solved with the creators of the original series Unsolved Mysteries and the creators of Stranger Things, and the creepy mystery still needs answers.

Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3

Mussolini’s robbery

The Premier League is scheduled for October 26

Pietro Castellito trades chemistry with Matilda de Angelis in this gripping 1940s crime drama that reinterprets the final moments of World War II.

Mussolini's robbery

The Stranger

Premier League set for October 19

The police have a deep and intense relationship with a murder suspect. while trying to build trust and convince him to confess.

Netflix also recommends several Young Adult highlights.

The School for Good and Evil

Premier League set for October 19

Besties Sophie and Agatha face a test of friendship. while attending a magic school for the future heroes and villains of fairy tales Based on the international bestselling epic book by Soman Chinani, directed by Paul Feig.

Wendell & Wild

The Premier League is scheduled for October 28

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peel star in a stop-motion animated adventure. which follows the story of two demon brothers who escaped from the underworld

Wendell & Wild

Korean content


The Premier League is scheduled for October 7

A young woman must join a UFO student. to discover the truth behind his lover’s disappearance until he learns an incredible secret.

Sh**ting Stars

Premier League set for October 12

An emotionally disturbing story When a smart PR boss works with a mischievous rival of her star client.

Sh_ting Stars

Under the Queen’s Umbrella

The Premier League is scheduled for October 15

A determined queen tries to bend the back of her treacherous son. to become the next ruler of the Joseon Kingdom and also have to deal with rivals who wish to take over the throne is no different

Under the Queen's Umbrella

20th Century Girl (Love this 20th Century Saab)


In 1999, a teenage girl follows the movements of a boy at school. At the request of a close friend who fell in love with him until his head exploded. until I felt frightened by the affair that follows

20th Century Girl (Love this 20th Century Saab)


The Premier League is scheduled for October 23

A team of forest rangers risking their lives to save a hiker who was trapped in the area. and solve the mystery of death and protect Khao Jeree National Park


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