Netflix releases trailer for scandalous documentary “Harry-Meghan”, the total number of people who pressed “Dislike” was more than 4 hundred thousand

The Daily Mail news website reported, on December 6, 2022, that the main streaming service Netflix has brought a trailer for the documentary film “Harry and Meghan” (Harry and Meghan), 72 seconds long, 2 clips. Published on YouTube, it seems that after just a few hours, the two clips had more than 7 million views, while the number of people who pressed the Dislike button exceeded 400,000 times.

This documentary tells the life story of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex of England After the couple left the palace to create their own family life in the United States. There are 6 episodes of this documentary, and the first 3 episodes will be released on December 8th. Interspersed interviews with the two kings highlighted the hardships of the past. The relationship between the two and the high ranking members of the royal family and the face of class divisions among members of the royal family. and leaving him unprotected and dealing with the media following Meghan as Princess Diana. While Prince Harry said it’s a dirty game He also says This documentary presents little-known stories of His Highness.

The BBC News website reported that a video clip from the “Harry and Meghan” documentary had received negative reviews. If film and photographs are taken to mislead the understanding of the audience This made many people understand that they are both victims of the royal family and media photographers. There are also at least 3 unrelated images. with both of them Neither Netflix nor their production company, Archewell, have commented on the criticism.

Meanwhile, the hashtag “The Liar Meghan Markle” #MeghanMarkIeisaLiar It is trending on Twitter for the second day. They are sad that Prince Harry and his wife have turned to attack the royal family again in the media. To create a trend and earn money in your own pocket After both appeared on Oprah’s talk show. Winfrey until it became a popular trend.

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