NETFLIX Reveals 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Squid Game

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Squid Game and tips that you may not know See you soon! via Netflix

Squid Game is a thriller series about 456 people who decide to join a puzzle game for a huge prize of 45.6 billion won. Play a game that looks like a normal kid’s game. So he realized during the game that this match was life at stake. This thrilling adventure tells the story of contestants trying to survive each game. And heading to win the prize of victory, which is a huge prize money. and Heo Sung Tae participated in an in-depth talk about the series Squid Game, Play to Die at the official launch press conference. Before watching it on Netflix soon, let’s find out what’s hidden in the series and what we didn’t know yet!

1. The origin of the name of the series “Squid Game, Play to Die”

Producer and director Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed the origin of the name Squid Game, Play Undead, saying, “Squid Game is a game I used to play when I was a kid. At the school yard and on the streets of the neighborhood by this series It tells the story of people who used to play this game when they were young. and came back to play again as an adult I think Squid Game is one of the most physically intensive games to play. And it’s also one of my favorite games. I also feel that Squid Games is the iconic children’s game that best reflects the image of today’s society.

2. Born in 2008

Producer Hwang Dong Hyuk started writing the first draft of Squid Game Play and Die in 2008, which is considered a long time back. Even before his hit films Silenced and The Fortress, director Hwang Dong Hyuk recounted the time when he started writing the Squid Game script, “I read a lot of manga during that time and wrote the script. It was completed in 2009. At the time, it seemed that this story had content that people might not be familiar with. or look too intense And there are some people who think the story is a bit too complicated and unlikely to be marketable. Also, at that time, I wasn’t able to fund enough production. And the casting part is also difficult. I’ve been working on the preparations for this for about a year. But the project had to be folded away in the end.” Director Hwang Dong Hyuk also thanked Netflix for giving him the freedom to create whatever he wanted after 10 years.

3. Squid Game, play to the death, unlike any other survival series that ever existed.

Aside from some of the common points of survival series in general, Squid Games has a unique identity that is completely different from the rest of the series. Hwang Donghyuk said “The core of the survival game lies in the entertainment seen throughout the film. and seeing how the contestants struggle to win those games When talking about the factors that make the difference I think it’s about the simplicity of the rules. Because it doesn’t take a lot of time or thought, it’s understandable. It’s very simple and instead of focusing on the game. Squidgame focuses more on how each player acts and responds. Usually in survival games we tend to look at the winners. but in squid We look at the loser If no one loses No one wins either.”

4. There are many memorable characters.

With 456 contestants, it’s no surprise that there are people from almost every dimension of society, including widower Ki Hoon (Lee Jung Jae), who is facing business failures and debt problems. His friend, who grew up in the same neighborhood, Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo), who passed a prestigious university entrance exam and worked for a brokerage firm. but eventually found a dead end And there’s also Sae Yeok (Jong Ho Yeon), a North Korean refugee struggling to get her family together again. including other characters Interestingly, Deok Soo (Heo Sung Tae) is a gangster, and Junho (Wi Ha Joon), a cop who discovers the game, enters the game while searching for his missing brother. Then you will find yourself unable to get in and win with every character. can’t be in the story

5. Including the bangs, symbols, scenes and music

In addition to entertainment, squid game, play to win death, also put a lot of symbols to interpret. Throughout the series itself is a symbol intended to reflect the competitive landscape in today’s society. The way that human beings are molded by society into adulthood reflected in the form of how innocent children’s games become cruel and deadly. The actors also praised the detailed set design. The director didn’t have to rely too much on CG because he decided to use large, realistic sets. Ultimately, the music used was a representation of what the kids of the 70s and 80s listened to, creating a sense of connection. and reminisce about the past All of these add up to an experience that will easily impress and be enthralled by the audience.

Here are just a few interesting tidbits from the Squid Game series, you can catch up on this enchanting series starting September 17 only on Netflix!

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