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Netflix Squid Game ‘popularity explosion’ with 110 million households watching

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Netflix Squid Game 110 million households watch ‘popularity explosion’ (Photo=Netflix)

Netflix’s squid game is popular all over the world.

On the 13th, Netflix announced that 111 million Netflix subscription households around the world selected and watched the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ made by Korean creators.

Since ‘Squid Game’ premiered on Netflix on September 17th, it has been well received by Netflix members around the world who enjoy various cultures and languages, including Brazil, France, India and Turkey, as well as Korea.

As a result, it set a great record of ranking first in Netflix’s ‘Today’s Top 10’ in a total of 94 countries.

In the United States, for the first time among non-English-speaking series released by Netflix, as of today, it topped the ‘Today’s Top 10’ for 21 days in a row.

“When Netflix started investing in Korea in 2015, Netflix’s goal was to showcase world-class Korean content for Korean content fans not only in Asia but also around the world,” said Min-young Kim, VP of Netflix Asia Pacific Content (Excluding India). ‘Squid Game’ made a dream-like thing that I could only dream of becoming a reality,” he said.

General Manager Kim Min-young added, “When the story that director Hwang Dong-hyuk had envisioned for a long time could not be made anywhere, Netflix believed that the charm of ‘Squid Game’ could surely shake the hearts of fans in Korea as well as around the world.”

On the 6th, Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-jun, and Jeong Ho-yeon of ‘Squid Game’ appeared on NBC’s signature talk show ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, and symbolized the ‘squid game’. The global sensation of stories crafted by Korean creators is gathering topics every day, such as the image of an image that appears in the center of Times Square in New York. In addition, overseas fans’ interest in Korean culture in general such as ‘The Flower of Mugunghwa has bloomed’ and ‘Dalgona Kit’ has also increased.

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