Netizens dig clips, Nate asks Nikki to respect her boyfriend or not? Invite a girl to do a fan day.

Netizens dug up a clip of Nate My Mate Nate and asked Nikki Nachat to honor her boyfriend or not? Invite girls to make fan day content

becomes an issue that people pay attention to quite a bit later Nikki Nachat a Koi Aratchaporn announce via YouTube that the relationship has ended confirm that it ends well no third party The reason for quitting This is because I have tried to adjust my habits. But in the end, they cannot go together.

Read the news: It has arrived! Nikki-Koi join hands to explain all drama Clearly clear Finish well Is there a third party?

While the online world has dug up Nikki Nachat’s clips to criticize again Which is a clip that Nikki has prepared with a famous YouTube number, My Mate Nate, to tease Nate’s girlfriend, Eva Pawan, who asked Nikki on one time for Nate and there was something Who doesn’t like love to do?

Nate replied that he didn’t like his girlfriend to smoke and drink alcohol, which Eva usually doesn’t do. Nikki continued to ask that in terms of work, you can create “Fan Day” content that allows you to be a boyfriend with someone else for day 1. Nate replied that he didn’t like it, and Nikki argued that it was a job, not real life.

On Nate’s side, he said back that Nikki thought for himself, Nikki might like it, but Nate didn’t like it and asked in return: If Koi, Nikki’s boyfriend, makes some content like this , does Nikki like it? “You have come to flirt with my girlfriend.”

Nikki turned to ask Eva if it was Eva, would she be satisfied with Fan Day? Eva replied that he probably wouldn’t because he had a girlfriend now. fans must be respected Nikki heard this and said, No need to work anymore To which Nate replied that “It’s called respecting each other. Did you know you respect your love?”

From this conversation caused netizens to comment about that Is Nikki focused on the wrong job? People can work in other ways and respect their supporters together. Or if you really want to do it, you should find someone who doesn’t love to make content. And you must have nobody. The word work should not be used as a reference.

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Nikki Nachat

Nikki Nachat

Nikki Nachat

Nikki Nachat

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