Netizens discuss the thunder! The Lisa knot is not loved enough in Korea, but NewJeans honey is great!

Recently, there was a thread on Korean social media called “Koreans think they are better than other nations in Asia.”Which has become a very hot topic in the social world on this topic, a TikTok video is attached. The original poster said that Koreans tend to see themselves as “better than other Asian races”

The video also mentions Girl idol Honey of NewJeans who is Vietnamese and noted that the female idol is loved in Korea because she looks very Korean.

This can be seen from when she first came. a group of Koreans even say …. o I don’t even know you are Vietnamese because you look Korean….

A TikTok user said, adding that “That’s a compliment that shows you look like us who are a superior race, so you look good.”

At the same time, TikTok users have also risenLisa from BLACKPINK Thai female idols too, saying “Lisa is the least popular member in South Korea because she is Thai and she looks Thai.”

A TIKTOK user revealed that the Koreans do not welcome Lisa because she looks like a Southeast Asian, so she is considered a ‘small face’. “inferior”

In addition, the TikTok user said South Koreans tend to have a sense of pride in their nationality and from the experience of living in Korea, the country has crazy “racism”. She also argues that this causes many South Koreans to ignore other Asian races. and feel superior in appearance

The video became a hot topic among Koreans. Opinions were divided in two directions.

like “I think it’s true that racism in Korea is intense”, “I admit that many of us have this idea”, and “That’s right”.

The other side looked the opposite. and comments like

“Stop playing the victim”, “You’re making the wrong assumption”, “Racism” isn’t just in Korea, is it in other countries?

and “When we say someone looks Korean, it means they have a face that can only be seen in Korea, not racism.”


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