Home News Netizens hunt for a list of hijackers, dismissing “Mor Yong” for a post suggesting about vaccines not referring to academic evidence

Netizens hunt for a list of hijackers, dismissing “Mor Yong” for a post suggesting about vaccines not referring to academic evidence

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In the online world, lists are being mobilized through a Change.org campaign calling for Chulalongkorn University release Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan Retired as head of a center specializing in virology. Department of Pediatrics Clinic By reasoning that Prof. Dr. Yong, as a consultant to the government on the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic General Prayut Chan-ocha Post a message about the COVID-19 vaccine. provide information to the public without frankly referring to academic information by the message stating

Due to the Covid-19 situation that is spreading in Thailand and around the world.

There are currently many studies on the efficacy of vaccines. And doctors and the general public have been aware of the effectiveness of many different vaccines. through academic articles through many domestic and international news

and the results of that study It also indicates the efficacy of various vaccines, ranging from Sinovac which does not reduce transmission rates in Chile, Turkey, Brazil and Indonesia, to all four countries using Sinovac as the primary vaccine. Still can’t reduce the number of new patients. for example in Chile With the rate of 2 injections up to 50%, but still the number of new Covid-19 cases has not decreased at all. and in Indonesia There are also reports that many healthcare workers are still infected with Covid-19 despite having received 2 doses of the Sinovac vaccine.

On the other hand, highly effective vaccines, such as Pfizer or Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, have been shown in scientific literature and statistical evidence that they can greatly reduce the rate of transmission. Although only 50% of the complete 2 shots were vaccinated, and in some countries People are able to live their lives close to normal.

and when mentioned Dr. Yong Phuworawan who is a position as a consultant on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemicGeneral Prayut Chan-ocha Instead, there are opinions on vaccines that are distorted from academic articles. And on many occasions, ineffective vaccines like Sinovac are supported without scientific evidence.

for example

The distance between two doses of Astrazeneca vaccine is 12 weeks apart, but Dr Yong recommends a 16-week interval without any scientific support.

The efficacy of the 3rd dose of the Sinovac vaccine has not been studied at all. There were only words from the president of the manufacturer of Sinovac who claimed that it might be effective, but Dr. Yong took the matter of the 3rd dose of Sinovac vaccination to the public to advise the public. despite never having any academic evidence before

3. Dr. Yong has never recommended that the country import highly effective vaccines into the country. Although the results of studies on the effectiveness of vaccines differed clearly And the price is not different. But still defending the Sinovac vaccine without sufficient scientific evidence.

As Chulalongkorn University It is the nation’s main institution for maintaining correct scientific principles. therefore urged Chulalongkorn University Take action on doctors who do not follow scientific evidence. Doctors do not follow evidence-based studies. A doctor who sells his code of conduct for political service. so that Chulalongkorn University is a university that maintains honesty in accordance with scientific principles.

Reporters reported that The campaign is aimed at 7,500, with about 5,500 signatures so far.


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