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[Epoch Times, Medi 21, 2022](Compiled and reported by Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) The fifth episode of the Korean men’s street dance competition “Street Man Fighter” aired on the 20th, which was previously considered a potential champion. dance group “PRIME KINGZ” was the first elimination. After the show aired, netizens attacked singer BoA, who served as a judge. In this regard, the agency SM Entertainment said that it will sue bad netizens.

The program was hosted by Kang Daniel, judged by BoA BoA, Eunhyuk from Super Junior, and Wooyoung from 2PM Eight teams competed in different stages according to different competitions. In the program broadcast on the 20th, TRIX, the leader of “PRIME KINGZ”, competed with JROC, the leader of “BankTwoBrothers”. In the end, TRIX lost and “PRIME KINGZ” became the elimination group.

After the show aired, some viewers were dissatisfied with the result of the match, and went to BoA’s IG personal to reprimand BoA for the ruling. Under the two latest BoA posts, as well as the photo of her with Yin Hyuk and Woo Young as the judge of the show, some netizens wrote displeased comments with the verdict. Some netizens said that BoA did not understand hip-hop and did not Do reviews, and some people attack them personally.

At noon today, BoA shared a screenshot of a report titled “Why does BoA have to be cursed? In addition to the qualification dispute, there is also a personal attack. What is Mnet doing for the overly malicious comments? ” , and wrote down his opinion: “The judges don’t decide the fight team… If BankTwoBrothers weren’t chosen, would there be less (bad messages)? Every time I think about it, I feel so tired.”

As this issue continues to attract the attention of netizens, IG BoA’s personal officer has also been receiving messages from netizens who are dissatisfied with the results of the contest. The brokerage company SM Entertainment issued an announcement on BoA’s official SNS this afternoon (21st), saying that the company will write down the malicious content of Netizens who commented.

SM Entertainment said in a statement that this behavior is clearly illegal, as vicious comments, reputation-damaging and blasphemous messages are being spread on BoA’s personal SNS account and various social platforms, and it is clear that this behavior is illegal, and it is also necessary for the company to reach a target of strong legal measures, so the company will not let this action go. “In order to protect the artist’s personality and reputation, we are gathering information related to illegal acts on the Internet and preparing to file a lawsuit.”

The statement also mentioned at the end of the article that the company will not be tolerant of bad netizens, and will take strict legal measures in civil and criminal matters, and will continue to monitor the Internet situation and conduct legal procedures to protect its artists ■ The legal measures correspond to various wrongful acts.

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