Netizens picked up Leyou Tan Yuying’s card and left a large number of messages offering the tracking method: send it to TVB

Netizens picked up Tam Yuying’s happy card.

This morning, a netizen wasFb XA post in the Kwun Tong Old Mothers Group” and “Tuen Mun Friends” pointed out that they picked up a happy card, and said: “I got an Octopus, I don’t know if it’s true or not, is there anyone know the owner, can you inform the owner?” The front picture and name of Le You Card turned out to be Tan Yuying’s sister who grew up with Hong Kong people.

Netizens discussed how to find the famous owner: “I believe that more than half of Hong Kong people know the owner, but the owner does not know us.” Someone suggested sendingTVBIn the TV city, some people even call it “reporting “Dongzhang” and “trying to scareTagZhou Xingchi called him”; many netizens left messages saying that this year11full moon60Tan Yuying’s older sister, who is still young in appearance, has already welcomed2Discounts hitchhiking mosquito.


Tan Yuying still looks young, so she has already welcomed the discount 2-mosquito ride.

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