Netizens post PO criticism that they don’t know how to teach children to go to Disney every day, and the artist is also shot while lying down.

Netizens post PO criticism that they don’t know how to teach children to go to Disney every day, and the artist is also shot while lying down.

Disneyland has always been popular with adults and children alike. Many parents take their children to Disney during the holidays. However, some netizens in the discussion forum recently said, “Insulting speech, parents who do not know how to educate their children, “Children go to Disneyland” will post PO, which caused heated discussions, and a group of entertainers was shot who often brought their children to Disneyland while lying down.

Recently, some netizens pointed out in the discussion forum that parents often take their children to Disneyland, which is a behavior that is completely ignorant of children’s education, because this is a “no nutrition” activity, and was severely criticized : “Modern parents are ignorant of mud. , and no culture, Hong Kong women and Hong Kong men themselves are consumption and consumption, so when they go out into the street, they are eaten and eat again, which is a complete waste of time.” The result caused heated discussions among netizens.

After that, some netizens pointed out that artists often go to Disney, which is useful for this trend. For example, Xie Anqi and Zhang Jicong’s family, Wang Zulan, Chen Yinyu and Tang Yingying all are such “uncultured” parents, “Buying a year-old card stem in all the way, the spirit of Hong Kong people, greedy greedy”, “It is true that everyone is drunk, you will wake up alone”, ” The landlord is a parenting expert, very knowledgeable about educating children, well I hope the landlord will give birth to a few more children. The children will all be like dragons and phoenixes, and they can change the world .”, “I would rather go to the fur seal park with these girls to see penguins and jellyfish, rather than go to the fruit side to see the fictional characters pretending to be people.” People my age have no liking for Disney cartoon characters when they look at Japanese cartoons” and “You should learn to scare foreign parents, explore nature, travel in mountains and waters and connect with nature” and so on.

At the same time, some netizens objected to the statement, leaving a message: “You have to learn wild baa every day if you want to be fostered”, “How boring you are, if anyone “, “Being a man is so hard and miserable that you want to play.” I play”, “kids actually want to play”, “what’s your business?”, “kids can’t even play, so they should play it all first”, “tutorial every day, we’ll talk later . No childhood”, “Disney is not a princess and a prince, many films teach children to be brave, and there are many positive messages” and “Talk to children, you can learn anywhere, but if you don’t know French, you have to go to France?” and much more.


Xie Anqi


Yinmei Chen


Sun Huixue

陳琪 & 胡諾言陳琪 & 胡諾言

Chen Qi and Hu Nuoyan

李亞男 & 王祖藍李亞男 & 王祖藍

Li Yanan and Wang Zulan


Zhou Jiawei

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