Netmarble launches’Seven Knights’ first console game on November 5th

Input 2020.10.22 11:17

Netmarble announced on the 22nd that it will launch its first console game’Seven Knights -Time Wanderer-‘ on November 5th using intellectual property rights (IP).

Netmarble provided

Seven Knights -Time Wanderer- is a work that shares a worldview with the mobile game Seven Knights. Seven Knights’ eighth member’Vanessa’ deals with the adventure of returning home after falling into the twist of time and space with’Sandy’, the ultimate magic tool. It is a real-time turn-based, single-player RPG with deck construction fun.

Seven Knights -Time Wanderer- Pre-order starts from October 29th. The game can be enjoyed by purchasing download-only software from the Nintendo eShop from November 5th.

Seven Knights is a turn-based mobile RPG that collects and grows characters to battle. Since its first release in Korea in March 2014, it has recorded 60 million cumulative downloads globally.



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