Netmarble MOBA PC game ‘Paragon: The Overprime’, new original hero ‘Mako’ appeared

A cute ‘Mako’ fan that attacks enemies with a large stone
2 types of skins have been released that can change the appearance of ‘Mako’
Popular heroes ‘Seras’ and ‘Gwang’ auction until the 14th

PC TPS MOBA game ‘Paragon: The Overprime’ introduced a new original hero ‘Mako’.

[인사이트코리아=장원수 기자] Netmarble (CEOs Kwon Young-sik and Do Ki-wook) announced on the 28th that they are updating the new original hero ‘Mako’ to the PC TPS MOBA game ‘Paragon: The Overprime’ (Netmarble developer F&C), which is in access early through the Epic Store and Steam.

‘Mako’ is the first species found on ‘Tyndall’ island, which was wrapped in a veil, and characterized by cute limbs and large ears. Contrary to his cute appearance, he uses magic to play the role of a team supporter.

‘Mako’ has a skill that uses a large stone to cause physical damage to enemies or explode them like bombs. For allies, you can regain some physical strength or increase movement speed through matches, and as an ultimate skill, roll the gem like a bowling ball to attack enemies immediately.

To commemorate the release of ‘Mako’, Netmarble released two types of skins that can change the appearance of ‘Mako’.

In addition, as the first competitive season of ‘Paragon: The Overprime’ ends, the Netmarble hero grade skin ‘Child of the Forest’ will be rolled out to all users who created an account before March 28th.

Netmarble adjusted the balance of the main heroes and items and improved the tutorial to enhance the fun of ‘Paragon: The Overprime’. In addition, until the 14th of next month, the popular heroes ‘Seras’ and ‘Gwang’ will be sold at a discounted price, and 5 types of skins including 2 legendary skins will be sold at a discounted price.

‘Paragon: The Overprime’, which is in early access on the Epic Store and Steam, is a mixed game of TPS and MOBA genres. It’s a game where you choose one of the heroes, each with a unique skill and destroy the opponent’s base in a 5:5 ratio. Based on a realistic sense of space from a third-person perspective, heroes, and an infinite combination of over 100 items, you can experience various strategies in a rapidly changing war situation in real time. In particular, this game has a high degree of completion as a MOBA 3D TPS game by significantly increasing the sense of speed and strategic variables while continuing the high quality graphics and strategy of the previous game ‘Paragon’.


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