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Nets Kyrie Irving throws a plastic bottle in Boston The criminal seems to have been arrested | NBA Rakuten

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After the Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets match at TD Garden on May 31st (30th) Japan time, Kyrie Irving of Nets throws a plastic bottle from the audience as he descends into the locker room. There was a turmoil. The audience was arrested by Boston police, according to information ESPN got from officials. Irving commented, “I’m grateful that you paid for the ticket and came to see a great performance, but I’m not in the cinema. It’s strange to throw tomatoes or anything.” .. A spokeswoman for TD Garden also said, “We will not tolerate any violations of the spectator’s code of conduct. This spectator will be permanently banished from TD Garden.” Russell Westbrook of Washington Wizards was sprinkled with popcorn the other day, Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks was spit on, and Ja Morant’s family of Memphis Grizzlies was slammed by fans. The runaway of fans is a problem. Kevin Durant of Nets said, “I know that many people are frustrated and stressed if they stay home for a year and a half with the new coronavirus pandemic, but when they come to the game, these things We have to be aware. It’s humans in the game. We’re not animals. We’re not circus. ” On the other hand, there are scenes where Irving seems to have trampled on the Celtics logo of the center circle after the game, and there are voices criticizing such behavior on SNS. Irving recorded 39 points and 11 rebounds in this match. With Durant scoring 42 points and James Harden scoring 23 points and 18 assists, Nets defeated the Celtics 141-126. The series was 3 wins and 1 loss. Round 5 will take place on June 2nd (1st) at Barclays Center.

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