Nets reverse Grizzlies’ 2-game winning streak: Irving returns to Durant 26+7+7 over Jordan Simmons with 22 points_Layup_1_NBA

Original title: The Nets have reversed Grizzlies’ two consecutive wins: Irving returned to Durant 26+7+7 over Jordan Simmons with 22 points

On November 21, Beijing time, the 2022-23 NBA regular season Nets will play against the Grizzlies at home. Owen lifted the ban and came back, and the Big Three reunited. The Grizzlies’ three main players were absent, and halftime turned away, with the Nets leading. In the third quarter, the nets completed their overtaking, and in the last quarter, Yuta Watanabe scored 4 three-pointers in a row.

Simmons installed

Irving makes a setup

Durant’s signature dry draw

Yuta Watanabe made a layup

Yuta Watanabe makes a three-pointer, Durant celebrates excitedly

game review

Irving, who missed 8 consecutive games due to the suspension, officially lifted the suspension and returned, Morant truce with a sprained foot, Bain is also recovering from his injury, and the Grizzlies also rested Jaren Jackson Jr. As soon as the game started, the Grizzlies scored 4 points in a row, O’Neal hit a three-pointer, Irving also had a three-pointer, and he hit the first goal. Simmons made a hook in the basket, Durant cut through and dunked, Brooks made a jumper, O’Neal made another three-pointer, Adams made a layup, Jones made a three-pointer, the Grizzlies led 15-13, and the Nets stopped. Harris hit a three-pointer, but the Grizzlies scored 6 more points in a row, and the Nets paused again. Back on the court, Brooks made consecutive layups, Curry hit a jumper, then made another jumper, Simmons made a layup, and the Nets took the lead. The Grizzlies came back from a break, Curry hit a jumper again, and Clark responded with a hook. At the end of the first quarter, the Grizzlies were ahead 29-28.

In the second quarter, Simmons hit a hook, Harris made a three-pointer, O’Neal made another three-pointer, and the Grizzlies were out. The game continued, Mills also had a jumper, Irving made two free throws, Adams attacked with an air break layup, Mills made a layup, Durant and Curry returned to the court. Simmons scored, and the Grizzlies scored consecutive 3-pointers to overtake, Simmons made another throw, and Durant hit a jumper, complaining that the referee had received a technical foul. Back from the timeout, Brooks hit a three-pointer and the Grizzlies took the lead again. Jones also made a throw, Morris responded with a three-pointer, Conchar hit a three-pointer, halftime ended, and the Grizzlies led 62-57.

Back from the break, Harris hit a three-pointer, Brooks hit back with a three-pointer, Simmons made a layup and made a 2 plus 1, Irving also had a counterattack layup, and the Nets were biting the score. Irving hit a very long three-pointer, Durant added 2 and 1, and the Nets overtook 68-67. The Grizzlies came back from timeout, Simmons dunked and scored a season high. Adams made 2 plus 1, Simmons made a layup and then a hook, Conchar 2 plus 1, Yuta Watanabe made a layup, Jones made a throw, Irving also had a layup, and was replaced. Durant made a chase jumper, Morris made a three-pointer, Clark made a tip, and the Grizzlies bit the score. Then the Grizzlies held up to 88, Durant made a layup, then made two free throws, Brooks hit back with a layup, Durant made another jumper, Curry also had a three pointer, Yuta Watanabe made a layup, and the third quarter ended The Nets overtook 96-93.

In the fourth quarter, Curry hit a jumper, Yuta Watanabe also had a three-pointer, Durant stood up and cheered for him, and the Grizzlies took a break. Back on the court, Yuta Watanabe hit another three-pointer, Irving made a layup, and Yuta Watanabe also made a three-pointer, and the audience was boiling. The Grizzlies came back from timeout, Yuta Watanabe made another three pointer, Durant made a layup, and the Nets led 114-98. Durant made two free throws and surpassed Jordan in 17 straight games with 25+ in the season opener. Harris hit another three-pointer and the Grizzlies were out. With 2 minutes and 39 seconds remaining, Simmons was off the court, and then Durant and Irving were also replaced, the game entered the garbage time ahead of time.

Both sides start

Nets starting: Durant, O’Neal, Simmons, Harris, Irving

Grizzlies starting: Brooks, Aldama, Adams, Konchar, JonesReturn to Sohu to see more

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