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Ben Simmons as a point guard without Kyrie doesn’t work

The Nets second playoff game of the season was a disaster to say the least. Kyrie Irving and Joe Harris, who participated in the first game, took a break, and Ben Simmons, who played as a forward in the previous game, was in charge at the point, but the play did not go well and the offense went his whereabouts.

“There were games where you had to go one-on-one against the defense, but now we’re different,” Kyrie said after the first preseason game. The pass was flying around,” he said, but the Nets showed a completely different appearance on this day.

Against the Heat, where Kyle Lowry assembles the game like a control tower, the Nets did not match team play, and the destination was a replica of last season’s bad practice of entrusting the ball to Kevin Durant. Durant scored 22 points on 8 of 12 field goals, but the positive aspects of the ace’s performance were overshadowed by the negatives of poor team play.

Simmons is strong on the ball, but lacks ideas beyond that point, and repositioned point guard Patty Mills is too sluggish to improve the situation. There was very little left for the Nets after Durant walked off the court after 26 minutes with five minutes remaining in the third quarter and a deficit of 20 points.

Head coach Steve Nash also has a bitter expression throughout. “Durant Addiction” is a problem that must be cured as soon as possible, as that was one of the reasons Durant asked for this trade.

Yuta Watanabe got 21 minutes of playing time, but most of it was without Durant, which meant that the Nets were not on the wave, and he himself was struggling to find his rhythm. 4 minutes of play in the 1st quarter. He played with the defense with his quick pass work, and in the end, he dived under the goal and called a pass in to invite a foul, but missed both free throws and was unable to score.

By the time she came back to play in the second half, it was time for Durant to go down. Detecting Jovic’s cut, he went into the support under the goal and scored a blocked shot, and assisted Dalon Sharp’s shot, which moved in conjunction with his own drive. I hit four field goals and suffered from shooting touchdowns with no success, but at the end of the day Sharp, who gave the first assist, returned the kickoff pass. I didn’t miss the chance of a perfect catch and shoot and scored a 3 point shot, and somehow managed to stay scoreless.

Watanabe scored 3 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 blocks in 21 minutes of play. While the team was in a slump from start to finish, it would have been a big appeal if it was possible to change the flow of the game here, but that was not the case.

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