Nets’ Yuta Watanabe says “The reason I’m in this league” is dynamic defense, Nets stop losing streak in 4 basket counts | Basket Account

Made 3-pointers in 4 consecutive games

The Nets will face the Pacers on the 31st. Kevin Durant led the team with 36 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists, and won 116-109 while it was a series of battles following the 116-125 loss on the 29th. The Nets, who ended the losing streak of 4, have had 2 wins and 5 losses so far.

Yuta Watanabe recorded 5 points including 1 3-point shot and 2 rebounds in 22 minutes and 28 seconds. In the remaining 35 seconds, when the Nets had a 5-point lead, Tyrese Halliburton, the ace of the Pacers, was able to drive one-on-one, but he made a mistake with a close contact mark. Throughout the game, a solid defensive performance shone through.

In this game, Watanabe continued to stand on the court from 3 minutes and 52 seconds to the end, and participated in the 4th quarter for 9 minutes and 23 seconds. It was a method of appointment that showed that the trust of the leaders was increasing. After the match, Watanabe, who responded to the local media interview “YES Network”, looked back as follows.

“It was a great win. Personally, I could have done a better job.

He also said, “I feel like we’re getting better every day.” “We always talk about trust. Many of the players are new and they are still getting to know each other, but today we definitely made progress.”

And when the interviewer praised his impressive defense, he said, “This is the reason why I can be in this league.” “Honestly, I can’t do much offensively. I can shoot, but I don’t handle the ball well. I’m a good defender and I did my job tonight.”

As an aside, immediately after saying, “I’m not good as a ball handler,” my teammates immediately said, “You’re a good handler,” and showed a big smile. Watanabe, who is known to have a good relationship with his teammates, is expected to get more opportunities to play with his solid defense and good 3-point shooting as weapons.

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