Nets’ Yuta Watanabe transformed into “the most efficient shooter in the world”, and the key to his leap was to sack Steve Nash!?-Basket Count | Basket Account

Tops in the league with “TS%” (True Shooting Percentage)

Yuta Watanabe of the Nets has scored in double digits in 6 out of 8 games since the beginning of November, and has jumped to the top of the league in “TS%” (True Shooting Percentage) with his strong 3-point shooting as a weapon , rice field. This stat shows the efficiency of his shooting, including free throws, and he is now the “most efficient shooter in the world.”

Of course, as an individual, I can’t say that my shooting ability is comparable to Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry, but the efficiency that Watanabe has recorded in his role of “ensuring the scoring of open shots made by teammates” I have . In other words, “My teammates have created more chances”.

Since head coach Steve Nash left the team and Jack Vaughn took over from November, the dramatic change in the Nets’ fighting style has had a positive effect on Watanabe, and by leaving results, Watanabe’s role has also increased.

In October, the Nets averaged 273 passes and 24.7 assists per game, but since November they have increased by 14 passes and 3.6 assists. The pass turned clear, but the feature is that the number of passes to Durant has not increased, and Kyrie Irving, who has been absent for a long time, has scored with a ball movement that does not go through the ace field rice.

Royce O’Neill, who scatters passes at a good pace, is responsible for the actual point guard, supplying passes to the shooters using Durant as a decoy, and the success rate of the team’s 3-point shots increased by 33.3% in October to 39.4 % This has improved enormously, and a good rhythm has been created not only for Watanabe but for the Nets as a whole. When a shot is made, it is also psychological to want to pass more, creating a virtuous circle for the Nets.

Yuta Watanabe

The Nets corner is absolutely a “Watanabe spot”.

Watanabe has made 16 of his 24 3-point shots from the corners. We took the top spot in TS% by hitting more of the corners with the best probability, but the number of successful passes from the corners increased from 2 in October to 14 in November, and the Nets made consecutive passes as a team which is linked to the fact that the ball managed to reach Watanabe in the corner.

In addition, the cutting play that jumps to the circle from the corner on the other side is powerful against Durant’s post-up. In addition to making a solid 3-point shot, the Nets corner was completely a “situation for Watanabe” because of the good compatibility with Durant.

Defensively, the Nets have also changed their fighting style, lining up mobile wings and preferring to have everyone switch and help, sometimes even using a series of five wing players. It is difficult to improve the tactics of the team due to the change in the head coach during the season, and it is a form that aims to solve it by arranging players who can defend around, but since there is no speed specialist , it is difficult to deal with the opponent’s ace guard

Watanabe was nominated for this ace killer role, which changed the role from the conventional inside charge. In college, he was highly rated as a guard-heavy defender, but struggled with his speed and shooting power against NBA guards, and became a defensive role for a team that used his speed and momentum to help. However, it has more versatile uses.

Although he has yet to act as an ace killer, he has been installed as an important player for the Nets, and the Nets’ winning percentage has increased along with Watanabe’s success. He started this season with a camp deal, but now he has increased his presence as a key man holding the world and the cons in the Nets.

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