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“Never be deceived” The first episode of ´Six Senses 2´ is back 3%

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‘The Sixth Sense 2’

‘The Sixth Sense 2’ captivated viewers with its delightful chemistry, overwhelming scale, and reversal from its first broadcast.

The first episode of tvN’s ‘The Sixth Sense 2’, aired on the 25th, started to find fakes among the amazingly priced foods. The viewer ratings recorded an average of 3% for households in the metropolitan area, a maximum of 4.4%, an average of 2.8% for households nationwide, and a maximum of 4%, signaling the start of a good start. In the case of the tvN target male and female 2049 viewership ratings, it recorded an average of 2.3% nationwide and a maximum of 3.3%, taking the first place in the same time zone including cable and general episodes. (Based on a paid platform that integrates cable, IPTV, and satellite/provided by Nielsen Korea)

On this day, with Joo-wan On, who participated as a guest, under the theme of ‘What in the world is this price?’, we challenged to find fakes among amazingly priced foods. The 100 million won chicken stew, 320,000 won homemade cake, and 160,000 won hotel snack set dazzled the sixth sense of the members and viewers. As a final result, it was found that the 160,000 won snack set sold by the hotel was a fake. Mijoo, Jessie, and Somin became the first protagonists of the FSC.

In addition to the behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes remodeling of the hotel’s banquet hall like a Korean restaurant, TV personality Hong Seok-cheon worked as a chef and drew attention. Hong Seok-cheon appeared wearing a wig, and no one noticed his identity. The actual food the members ate was prepared by Hong Seok-cheon with the production team. The subtle collaboration between the real and the fake dazzled the members as well as the viewers. On Joo-wan, who boasted, “This can’t be fake,” gave a laugh with a look of disappointment.

While ‘The Sixth Sense 2’, which came back brilliantly, caused admiration and goosebumps at the same time from the first broadcast, the members directly delivered the observation point where they could watch the remaining broadcasts more fun. First, Yoo Jae-suk said, “Please look forward to Sang-yeop’s performance as a new member and the upgraded chemistry of the members compared to Season 1.” Na-ra Oh and So-min Jeon, respectively, said, “The level of fakes has increased. Please watch the change of ‘Doo-chok’ Oh Na-ra and the high-level psychological battle”, “It’s different from season 1, it has become more detailed and delicate. It feels like a war with the production team due to a high level of psychological warfare. “, and pointed out the upgraded delusions and fierce psychological warfare as the points to watch.

Previously, special guests such as Ha Seok-jin, 2PM Junho, and EXO Kai announced their appearances, so the 7th members who will shine on ‘Sixth Sense 2’ are also expected to be another point of observation. Jessie emphasized, “It’s a very unusual program. It’s a unique combination.” Mijoo also pointed out, “The chemistry between our four high school girls, a teacher, and a transfer student will be interesting.”

In the second episode of ‘The Sixth Sense 2’, which will be broadcast at 8:40 pm on July 2, Lee Sang-yeop, who joined as a regular member from this season, will be portrayed in earnest. Unlike the otherworldly tension of the insane ‘Six Sen’, the contrasting images of Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Sang-yeop, who were exhausted even before the start, bring delightful fun.

Reporter Hwang So-young [email protected]


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