“Nevin” organized hard. The Thai Football Association canceled FIFA Day, taking only the SEA Games to stop dreaming of a “World Cup”

The movement of the Thai national football team when New Chidchob The president of Buriram United posted a message on Uncle Nevin’s page about the Football Association of Thailand case. canceled the racefifa dayMarch 2023 to move the 2022-23 Thai Football League to end faster, closing the season on April 22, 2023, from the original end of May 2023, which ended before the sporting event SEA Games 2023 starts between April 28 and May 16, 2022 in Phnom Penh. Cambodia

by “Nevin” The post said stop dreaming.World Cup” Then go to “Phnom Penh”

who said they would go beyond ASEAN Then look at the bigger goal, which is the Asian level, make the best rankings.

In order to realize the dream of the Thai people in the whole country, the Thai national team has experienced the World Cup once, the Thai flag has been flown in the World Cup stadium.

It’s just a breath, that can’t be trusted at all

If the association does not have clear goals, what goals will the Thai national team have?

He finally came back to chase the champion in a small area. The same as it has been for years.

The society’s goal and the main adult in Thai football is still the ASEAN champion, the SEA Games champion, while other ASEAN nations are looking at the vast area, which is Asia.

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cancel fifa day Then destroy the professional alliance system, stop the alliance, delay the alliance, accelerate the alliance to finish quickly. to be a championSEA Games

This is the vision of an amateur, the idea of ​​someone who doesn’t know professional football, and the determination of someone who stays put. There is no idea to develop Thai football. get close to the stageWorld Cup” even less

The professional league system is the development of Thai football with the private sector without any government involvement.

Developing the standards of Thai football, the ability and strength of athletes and managing all dimensions of Thai football to this point

If the government does not support Do not destroy the system destroy the development of Thai football that must be developed systematically and continuously

target removal SEA Games Champion Come as a stand and speed up the league to finish fast. Bringing under-23 footballers to the SEA Games is an idea that football makers, football lovers, people who know football and people who care about fans don’t like football, does it.

Speeding up games in the professional leagues to close early, adding two more midweek games towards the end of the season. It is a risk that footballers can be injured and unable to enter the field.

If that happens, it will damage the entire national team. Affiliate club and the footballer himself

The SEA Games championship has meaning for the society. So much so that the association is not interested in the professional league, it is not interested in the club, which is the foundation for the development of Thai football?

If this is all you can think of, I wish you all the best in Phnom Penh. but stop deceiving Thai people to dream aboutThe World Cup sorry

The World Cup It is a matter of professionals, while the SEA Games are suitable for amateurs, associations and adults in Thai sports.

New Chidchob

Chairman of Buriram United

Source: Uncle Nevin’s page

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