New area of ​​recovery for dementia patients in Victoria Hospital

The new Victoria Hospital in Kilcahill has opened a new recovery area aimed at minimizing the anxiety of patients with dementia and cognitive impairment when they come from surgery.

The experience of circumventing anesthesia after an operation can be a frightening experience.

Local artist Karen Masters was commissioned to create a piece of artwork within the surgical recovery area which provides a relaxing distraction and reduces anxiety and distress for such patients.

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Karen worked with theater staff and dementia specialists to understand the needs of this patient group before creating a mural alongside a Scottish lake and associated trees, flowers, birds and animals.

For 48 square feet, it was created using high contrast painting techniques to ensure it could benefit patients with visual impairments. Concise music and sounds of wildlife have been added.

The project cost approximately £ 1100 to complete with the funding granted from the Fife Health Endowment Fund.

Helen Buchanan, director of nursing, said: “Any surgery for us, and for those with dementia or cognitive impairment, is a cause for concern, it can be very worrying.

“We know that distress and anxiety can have an adverse effect on the overall health of people with dementia, and developments such as our new recovery area help the atmosphere of such patients, and indeed their families and relatives. minimized.

“Importantly, this new development is more than just the environment we provide for patients – our approach is to care and to ensure that the treatment we provide is not just the one we offer. therapeutic but that it puts the holistic needs of the person at the heart of everything we do.

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